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File: DecUI10-09-12
What causing a health bar to appear...
Posted By: Cirayne
What causing a health bar to appear in the lower right corner? http://i50.tinypic.com/r1zspv.jpg
File: DecUI10-07-12
GM Support Ticket
Posted By: Cirayne
Thanks for the amazing UI. Is there a way to have the GM support ticket showing once I submit it? Additionally, sorry for my ignorance, but what mod is is auto accepting quests?
File: Theudric UI - 1920x1080 (wide)10-06-12
Posted By: Cirayne
Hey, thanks for putting this together. I quit shortly after Cata released and only just started again in MoP. Your setup looks pretty close to what I had before. I might change the layout a bit, but you pretty much nailed what I was looking for. Thanks again
File: Bati's UI02-04-10
Sorry Bati, been busy. Here's a li...
Posted By: Cirayne
Sorry Bati, been busy. Here's a link you asked about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXFxmS0r-M4
File: Bati's UI01-23-10
Awesome UI
Posted By: Cirayne
Bati, I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your UI the most by far, and almost everyone that sees my tanking videos loves it. Keep up the good work! :D
File: Bati's UI12-07-09
Hey Bati, sorry for having so many...
Posted By: Cirayne
Hey Bati, sorry for having so many problems, but I have another. :P So the rumor is that 3.3 is coming out tomorrow. I updated all but the ones you said too and now i'm getting a LAU error. The boxes/outlines from the unit frames/tiptac/top and bottom shaded areas and probably others are gone. I'm not sure what caused it, but I...
File: Bati's UI12-03-09
Bati, I'm not sure why... but MSBT...
Posted By: Cirayne
Bati, I'm not sure why... but MSBT won't display Spell Crits or Spell Dot Crits when I use it, I haven't changed anything so I'm unsure why since I've checked and its selected to show. Any help would be appreciated.
File: Bati's UI10-27-09
What addon do you have that auto ac...
Posted By: Cirayne
What addon do you have that auto accepts invites?
File: Bati's UI10-21-09
Can't get it working for alts
Posted By: Cirayne
I love your UI, so clean and yet so much info! The only thing I can't do is get it to work on more then one of my characters. I type /reflux switch Bati2 and nothing happens. Any suggestions? Strange, I typed /reflux switch Bati for fun, nothing happened. Typed Bati2 and it worked. oh well :D