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File: oUF_Karma07-21-18
Posted By: DogStarMage
Hands down the best oUF layout there is, love to see a working version for BfA
File: SyncUI07-12-18
BfA Beta
Posted By: DogStarMage
I know that SyncUI is not 8.0 ready but works pretty smoothly so far on the Beta! very little wrong with it. Cast bar issue, a visual glitch on action bar 3 with the zone use button but pretty much that's all I noticed. Can't wait to use it in Battle for Azeroth
File: MaoR UI - BFA06-16-18
Posted By: DogStarMage
this is in no way MaoR UI...
File: SyncUI06-16-18
Posted By: DogStarMage
Syncrow major thanks for your work on an 8.0 update to this UI. Its been my most used UI since the day you launched it. I always tweak and change my UI, try Elv, and others but come back home to the comfort and excellence of SyncUI. You have put a ton of effort into it and it shows and is noticeable with nearly every part of the UI....