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File: Wullie's UI11-29-16
WTF folder
Posted By: rofliver
Ok so, been using this UI ever since WoD and have enjoyed it ever since. I just recently saw you updated your WTF folder and changed server and shit. Do I have to update the WTF folder or can I just ignore that? Cause I don't wanna remove my WTF folder since I've done so many changes to it. Is it possible to just get the updates or i...
File: Wullie's UI09-12-15
Ok so I like the UI a lot and have...
Posted By: rofliver
Ok so I like the UI a lot and have been using it for the last several weeks. But I still haven't figured out how to see the debuffs cast on me. I have tried almost everything but I can't see it. Any suggestions?