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File: wBuffs07-25-20
Can't move anything.
Posted By: lord-narf-clxx
I looked where it said on the webpage. I looked in the readme file and it told me to look in the .lua file. Found nothing on how to move the buffs in the .lua file. If anyone knows how to move the frame please let me know.
File: ChatBar Legion12-31-18
PLEASE update this wonderful addon!...
Posted By: lord-narf-clxx
PLEASE update this wonderful addon! The latest BFA update broke it. I have been using this for so long i can't live without it. Well OK I can but i'd rather not. 8D
File: ChatBar Legion04-04-16
Re: Chatbar mostly works.
Posted By: lord-narf-clxx
It seems the WoW Interface Minion didn't install it quite right. It is working just fine now. And again thank you for updating this addon!
File: ChatBar Legion04-01-16
Chatbar mostly works.
Posted By: lord-narf-clxx
This update works just fine except for the fact that none of the "art" shows up. All the channel numbers show up but everything else is green. No buttons or bar art. Did I install it wrong seeing as it is called "chatbar patch". Thank you for doing an update on this addon. I have been using it for many a year. 8D
File: ChatBar07-21-10
Posted By: lord-narf-clxx
BigW what do I do with all that? All of that pretty typing means nothing to me. lol. :(
File: ChatBar07-07-10
I'm still cant type in a channel af...
Posted By: lord-narf-clxx
I'm still cant type in a channel after clicking its button on the chat bar and yes my chat style to "classic" in the social options. am I missing something here?