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File: cargBags Nivaya (RealUI/standalone)09-25-18
Posted By: Quokka
Hey there, I have some minor problems, for some reason the update arrow from pawn isn't shown. Does anyone know where to "fix" this? Cheers, Quokka
File: Mono UI06-09-13
a bug
Posted By: Quokka
Message: Interface\AddOns\m_UI\elements\modules\noTaint.lua:207: AddOn calls UIFrameFlash, you may not be able to switch talent. Time: 06/09/13 21:50:23 Count: 1 Stack: : ? : in function `error' Interface\AddOns\m_UI\elements\modules\noTaint.lua:207: in function : in func...
File: m_ActionBars06-03-13
The Exit Vehicle button is not show...
Posted By: Quokka
The Exit Vehicle button is not showing. I my setting: = { disable = false, user_placed = true, position = {a="BOTTOM", x=-0, y=200}, }, any sugestions?
File: Mono UI05-24-13
two Small question, is there a way...
Posted By: Quokka
two Small question, is there a way to have the inventory behave as normal (ie toggle with I or B) instead of having to click the X or esc to close? I used to have some bars to alpha 0 ooc / alpha 1 in combat & Mouse over & if health lost, how would it do this. I have seen there is support for custom states, how would it look? :Sh...
File: famBags04-06-13
Loving it
Posted By: Quokka
Is there an all black options so it would look nice to Aurora or Elv? Everthing else about this mod is real nice Friko, Check the options and make sure Global content & Alts is turned on, it's off by defaut
File: Altz UI for BFA03-29-13
Posted By: Quokka
I got everything I need setup except the stance bar. It wont move I changed in the hope of it moving to the top off the minimap AltzUI\mods\actionbar\stancebar.lua local frame = CreateFrame("Frame", "Altz_Stancebar", UIParent, "SecureHandlerStateTemplate") frame.movingname = L frame:SetWidth(num*buttonssize + (num-1)*button...
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)03-13-13
Re: having problems with my raid frames
Posted By: Quokka
Ever since patch 5.2, my raid frames have been acting funny. First, it shows the master looter on every box as well as an icon that shows the person is being rezzed, on every box. Next, every time i enter a new group, every box is white until some sort of dmg is done. Also, the indicators for raid buffs and some hots show up some of...
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)02-24-13
Posted By: Quokka
Any change there will be a maintank frame in the futher with agro couloring
File: Altz UI for BFA02-22-13
Posted By: Quokka
I have found a bug that drives me crazy. With AltzUI enabled the tooltips don't match the level of the targeted pet In oUF_Mlight the levels don't match the targeted pets one. http://www.clarkies.de/AI-Art/pet.png Could you please look into this please take a look at urlcopy.lua line 21 if string.find(text, "%pTIn...
File: Altz UI for BFA01-30-13
2 Small requests, The informatio...
Posted By: Quokka
2 Small requests, The information in the top is kind hard to read due to it's alpha where can I change this in the lua. The Right side bar & quest log do overlap a bit, is there a way to fix this? Since it's kinda hard to use quest items, maybe move them to the right side
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)01-26-13
-- snip -- posted in wrong addon
Posted By: Quokka
-- snip -- posted in wrong addon
File: AI-Art Icons12-15-11
All Icons are the 4.3 Icons I have...
Posted By: Quokka
All Icons are the 4.3 Icons I have redone all Icons from the 4.3 blizzard website. So all icons are up to date and I would remove the old once, since there are icons in there that are no longer used
File: oUF_Hank10-18-11
Can anyone help me out please I get...
Posted By: Quokka
Can anyone help me out please I get this error ...nterface\AddOns\oUF_Hank_v3\custom_modifications.lua:25: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) : ? ...nterface\AddOns\oUF_Hank_v3\custom_modifications.lua:25: in function <...nterface\AddOns\oUF_Hank_v3\custom_modifications.lua:16> : in function `func' Interface\AddOns\oUF\...
File: AI-Art10-16-11
I'll start updating this baby pleas...
Posted By: Quokka
I'll start updating this baby please let me know what is broken so I can fix it
File: ArkInventory09-23-11
is there a way to only show 1 empty...
Posted By: Quokka
is there a way to only show 1 empty bagspace instead of all. Or is there a way to do this with a rule?
File: AI-Art09-21-11
I have started playing wow, first a...
Posted By: Quokka
I have started playing wow, first a ten 10 revival scroll, so if that turns into a decent account. I'll be updating this in my spare time
File: AI-Art08-30-11
Well A friend and I are thinking ab...
Posted By: Quokka
Well A friend and I are thinking about starting to play again. it all comes down to him, letting me know if we go ahead and play again. does any off you play on a UK pve server, and has a spot or two in a casual stress free raiding guild? (1 to 2 raiding days a week)? If so drop me a pm. In my case I'd start a warrior (deff)...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-15-11
Posted By: Quokka
Originally posted by Munglunch --SV-AI-Aurora: Pending approval from Haleth and Quokka (AI and Aurora authors), I will also be making this available as a standalone addon download. M8, you know that you can do what ever you like to AI-Art, you are part off the team :) Hence I'm still thinking on how to improve this. Create a...
File: AI-Art02-12-11
Re: Re: Re: Guild
Posted By: Quokka
Originally posted by Nucrus http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i335/Nucruswow/guildicon.jpg Same problem with any of the newer guild tabard icons. And heres an image of what it looks like with your Interface. http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i335/Nucruswow/guildiconbugexample.jpg Like I said you can JUST make out the ic...
File: AI-Art Icons02-12-11
They changed some icons in 4.0.6 I...
Posted By: Quokka
They changed some icons in 4.0.6 I'm waiting for the latest version SO I can download it and get the latest updates on here
File: AI-Art02-02-11
Re: Guild
Posted By: Quokka
Originally posted by Nucrus Overall love the look of these frames, way better than the default blizzard ones. Having a few guild related issues tho: Firstly the Minimap banner for being in a "Guild Group" (4/5 in heroics etc.) just isn't showing at all. Secondly anywhere thats supposed to have our guild icon (top left of g...
File: AI-Art02-02-11
If you have installed it right I...
Posted By: Quokka
If you have installed it right It should look like \World of Warcraft\Interface\AchievementFrame \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns \World of Warcraft\Interface\Archeology \World of Warcraft\Interface\AUCTIONFRAME \World of Warcraft\Interface\BankFrame \World of Warcraft\Interface\BattlefieldFrame \World of Warcraft\Inte...
File: AI-Art02-02-11
Re: true
Posted By: Quokka
Originally posted by limyle Hello author, I am a Chinese player, once open to 3.35, which version should I download it? That is WotLK you could test 3.4 if you have any strange frames please download 3.2
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-08-11
No sure it shows runic value since...
Posted By: Quokka
No sure it shows runic value since Rage warrior/druid are not there. With dbm i have a similar problem, the all stack upon eatch other so i can not see whats up next. With XCT i only see outgoing damage and self heals. No incoming damage or heals from other people. (feral self heal & warrior self heals show)
File: AI-Art -buttons Slick style01-05-11
Originally posted by kaltoran Hi...
Posted By: Quokka
Originally posted by kaltoran Hi There Im a great fan of ur addon packs but was wondering what the name of the font is that you use in the screenshot of this modification? Keep up the great work :) not 100% sure but i think it's comfortaa right now i use chinacat. It looks great