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File: GatherSageCT10-11-12
Error mousing over Pandaria herbs
Posted By: Sithehenn
Edit: If you add the following line to gsMill in GatherSageData.lua it solves the problem: = { =500 }, I get the following two errors when mousing over herbs from Pandaria (Green Tea Leaf, etc.) Message: Interface\AddOns\GatherSageCT\GatherSageCT.lua:150: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Time: 10/11/12 16:29:12 Cou...
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)07-17-10
Originally posted by CloudsBreak...
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by CloudsBreak For some reason the bar always seems hidden on login and I need to use /pxb dock just to get it to show. I not sure why that happens for some people. The only time it happens for me is when I delete the saved variables. Then I do a /pxb reset and /pxb dock, and drag it where I want it. It sta...
File: Swindler Preventer12-28-09
Options Error Fix
Posted By: Sithehenn
To fix the error with the options: Change line 98 in GFWOptions from: local controlType = control:GetFrameType(); To: local controlType = control:GetObjectType(); That will solve the problem with the options panel. Edit: This fix applies to version 3.2 for those that still want the options panel.
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)06-19-09
Re: TradeTabs
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by SmuvMoney I did follow those directions. Nothing changed. I even disabled all other addons to make sure another addon was not conflicting with TradeTabs or ETS. This is what I did: I logged onto the character select screen. I disabled all addons including ETS and TradeTabs. I entered the game. I open...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)06-17-09
Originally posted by H0PE Ok I co...
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by H0PE Ok I confirm, the addon isnt working properly, the issue: -Using arkinventory addon for bags/bank/etc. -In my bank (open currently) I see 58dreamdust -In my inv I see 20 dreamdust -opening up enchanting the item enchant shield -greater stamina requires 5dreamdust -enabled enhanced tradeskills and tu...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)06-17-09
Re: Re: Not working with TradeTabs until UI is reloaded
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by SmuvMoney I know that you fixed this issue above in an earlier patch, but it seems to be broken again. However, this may be due to a new user patch of EnhancedTradeSkills released yesterday. If you could look into this yet again, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not having any problems with TradeTabs...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)01-28-09
Re: 3.0.8 Error
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by Harshmage I believe the 3.0.8 patch did something to muck up the code for ETS. At least where Inscription is involved, the skill window is completely blank. No text in any location, just the player image in the top left corner. No error messages either. Thanks for the error report.:) Inscription is th...
File: AudibleMail01-23-09
Originally posted by napierdalator...
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Originally posted by napierdalator Where's that sound from? It's hilarious. It's actually from an old (1997) computer game called "Dungeon Keeper" by Bullfrog Productions.:D
File: AudibleMail12-30-08
I'm glad you find it useful. :D
Posted By: Sithehenn
I'm glad you find it useful. :D
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)12-26-08
Re: Compatability question
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by drakkondarkspell Is this compatible with X-Perl? I had issues with the original not working when I moved to X-Perl, and I love PXB. I'm curious if I can get my pet info back with this version. It should be, as long as you don't use the /pxb dock command. By default, it is attached to the UIParent, so it...
File: PetXPBar WotLK12-19-08
Posted By: Sithehenn
This has been updated at PetXPBar (Fan Update). Please try that version, and post any problems there.
File: Enhanced Tradeskills WotLK version12-19-08
This has been updated at Enhanced T...
Posted By: Sithehenn
This has been updated at Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)12-19-08
Originally posted by Ambrya Will...
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by Ambrya Will this be updated for WOTLK? Right now, every time I log in, the bar is in the middle of my screen and every single time I log in I have to type /pxb reset to get it to go where it should be. It also isn't draggable even when I have that option turned on. Sorry it took so long, but Life decide...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)08-05-08
Posted By: Sithehenn
Nychz: I think I've found and fixed the problem you reported. Please check it out and see if it works for you. MasterofMuppets: After looking at Skillet's code, it seems that it would be easier for the author of that mod to implement the functionality you are looking for, than for me to adapt this one. You might want to make...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)07-31-08
Filters Re-enabled
Posted By: Sithehenn
I think I have the filters working properly again. Please let me know if you find any problems. :)
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)06-03-08
Re: Where's the filter on/off button?
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by Nychz Hey, Thanks so much for keeping this add-on alive! I have found it to be an invaluable tool. You're most welcome. :) Originally posted by Nychz I discovered one problem when I updated to your latest version: I can't find the button to turn the filter on/off that used to be near the bottom of...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)05-10-08
Updated for 2.4
Posted By: Sithehenn
This had been updated for 2.4, and works with TradeTabs and Reverse Engineering. Note: When upgrading from a previous version, you will need to reset your cache. Log into the character select screen, click the addons button, and disable this addon. Log into the game (any character), and open a tradeskill. Then log out back to the...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)09-13-07
Re: Ark inventory bags and items not detected?
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by dayotll It seems because of the way it is (ark Inv) that the stuff in my bags and bank bags are not being seen by this program? i am not sure. Just been thinking about it for a while now. Thanks. Hmm... I don't use any inventory mods normally, so I downloaded ArkInventory and did some testing o...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)09-06-07
Posted By: Sithehenn
OK, I did some testing on the PTR and was unable to duplicate the problems that DroppedAtBirth reported. I was, however, able to find that I forgot about the extra bank slot Blizzard gave us in Patch 2.0. Sorry it took so long to figure that out :( Unless someone can give some more specifics about problems (item names, bag na...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)09-05-07
Re: Missing Items, Big/Special Bags
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by DroppedAtBirth I just noticed that EnhancedTradeSkills appears to be missing/ignoring items in some bags. Had a 20 slot engineering bag, all items in it where not showing on the item counts, so I said I didn't have the mats for anything. Items in other normal bags 14/16 slots ect... work. Also had bag on oth...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)08-07-07
Posted By: Sithehenn
Originally posted by charroux Thanks for the update. Maiden's Anguish is missing from the buyable reagents table. It can be added easily by putting: = 1, -- Maiden's Anguish into the buyables.lua file in the -- poison section Thanks for pointing out my omission. :) While I was at it, I added a couple other buyable...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)05-29-07
You're welcome
Posted By: Sithehenn
Aw shucks, 'twern't 'nothin' :o You're most welcome. I just hope it lives up to your expectations. :)