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File: RightAlignCombat03-31-09
I like it. I wont use it (Nothing p...
Posted By: jarakai
I like it. I wont use it (Nothing personal, but i tried it and it bothers me) but i know a few raiders who keep their combat log off to the side, so i passed it on to them, and they're enjoying it. Props!
File: Squeenix03-31-09
Works great tek, been using it for...
Posted By: jarakai
Works great tek, been using it for a while and can't stand the normal map anymore. Looking at your other addons though (this could be random happenstance) but you aren't a fan of preview pictures. This is a slight deterrent, but whatever, i end up using your stuff anyway. Cheers.
File: KastComboPoints03-18-09
Pretty Good
Posted By: jarakai
I like when someone does something like this. It starts with something simple and self worthy, but this is handy to a lot of people who have trouble with colours, sometimes majorly so. Good Job
File: ZoneLevelCords01-23-09
Posted By: jarakai
This appears to be the same addon as TomTom. I havent looked at the code, but the part you see on the UI, the block, is identical. Just throwing that out there.
File: AudibleMail12-29-08
Posted By: jarakai
This definetely comes in handy. Its not even for people who dont remember well, Sometimes Trade Chat really clutters up your chat log, or Bgs, anything really. Thanks!
File: Slam Alert12-29-08
Posted By: jarakai
Thank Jebas! I've been hoping for something like this ever since the new talents. I used to miss slams so much, or not notice the dying party members as i watch my little buff icons. Gonna be even more useful with 3.0.8. Great Job
File: MooseBuffs09-11-08
Im thinking the same thing
Posted By: jarakai
Im thinking the same thing
File: aWarriorCD09-11-08
Good Addon, i dont think ill use it...
Posted By: jarakai
Good Addon, i dont think ill use it myself (anytime im using these skills, i just mash :P) But I know this would be useful to a few people. Also though, Do you think you could customize this for Shield Slam as well? i think id use it then. Nice Work Though
File: Nightfall Proc09-11-08
AwesomeSauce. I've been looking for...
Posted By: jarakai
AwesomeSauce. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Thank you very much. I miss Nightfall sooo many times. Bliz needs to add some loud proc sound or graphic to it. in the meantime, thanks!
File: WeaponMaster09-09-08
This is great for anyone rolling al...
Posted By: jarakai
This is great for anyone rolling alts or switching their chosen weapon style *cough*Warriors*cough* Especially for anyone who's switching sides (Horde --> Alliance) so yeah, this is pretty good :)
File: TradeTabs09-09-08
Originally posted by Tsany why no...
Posted By: jarakai
Originally posted by Tsany why not put one trade skill from the spell book into your action bar ? Exactly. Thats what i do to begin with. This addon helps me keepy my clutter down to a minimum well you're a Miner, JC, Cook, Fisher, and a First aid person (Nurse/doctor?) Keeps some of my buttons free.
File: LinkToolTip09-09-08
This is nice. certainly a time save...
Posted By: jarakai
This is nice. certainly a time saver when one of your buddies is spamming his new gear set at you. Great Job!
File: InviteMe09-09-08
This could be useful for setting up...
Posted By: jarakai
This could be useful for setting up raids. As long as Guildees are the only ones who know about it. I think this could catch on.
File: ShockCooldown09-08-08
Is the green message in the Chat Bo...
Posted By: jarakai
Is the green message in the Chat Box? Cuz that could be easily missed. Also, to improve the popularity of this addon, i think you should try to include other shammy CD's in it. Such as Commonly used Totems (for raid or PvP) I think more people will use it that way Props on the Addon though
File: ThankGod09-08-08
Not too bad. Seems pretty good for...
Posted By: jarakai
Not too bad. Seems pretty good for this type of addon. Long as theres a way to minimize that glow effect, its great.
File: ShadowMOD [SP]09-08-08
Originally posted by DJJoeJoe Wha...
Posted By: jarakai
Originally posted by DJJoeJoe What's the incentive to use this over something like Class Timer. What feature does this offer than the many other addons don't have. Something specific that extends tracking of your dots and such would be nice, options for showing all dots, on multiple mobs, would be interesting and some addons...
File: RagePoints09-08-08
I think this would be great if you...
Posted By: jarakai
I think this would be great if you you're the kind of warrior who watches the actionbars constantly for the Cooldowns. Decent for arena too i would guess. Good job.
File: Stance Indicator09-08-08
Posted By: jarakai
Personally, i find the colours fairly odd to use for those stances. The way that makes more sense (to me at least, following the generally colouring of the buttons and some bizarre thought in my head) is to switch the colours of Defensive and battle stance. Blue seems more defendy to me... just my thoughts. Otherwise, Great addon
File: Rampage Reminder09-08-08
Not very pretty
Posted By: jarakai
It seems too messy for me. Very Spammy Also. I think that it would be a bit better if it used floating text (because it appears to use the Chat Frame, which is easily forgotten in a fight) I know this would make it sound very similar to other mods, however there are many mods like that and none so far have filled this purpose. Also,...
File: IceTrance09-08-08
Posted By: jarakai
Seems like it could be useful. Might end up being just another one of those mods though. But who knows, could be great.
File: Rasters Quest Mod WOTLK09-08-08
could be useful in english, the scr...
Posted By: jarakai
could be useful in english, the screenshots look to be more lightweight than the others along the line of questhelper, but lacks the functionality i think
File: Tektonic Attack Power09-07-08
Originally posted by Imithat ......
Posted By: jarakai
Originally posted by Imithat ... or press C :D I think this is meant as a quick access way to check your AP in the middle of a fight. Say in arena, when Pressing C is gonna put a big frame in you're way block that Gnome about to Stab your eyes out.