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File: nibPointDisplay08-30-12
Great post, Adrese! The addon is w...
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Great post, Adrese! The addon is working now! Inspired by your ingenuity, I've modified the Core.lua file to allow now for 5 Paladin Holy Power points. Before: -- PALADIN = { types = { -- Holy Power = { name = "Holy Power", barcount = 3, After: -- PALADIN = { types = { -- Holy...
File: nibPointDisplay08-29-12
This is the only addon that covers...
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This is the only addon that covers so many classes and has so many configurations. Any plans to update for MoP?
File: Bang! Art of War 307-09-09
DMC: Greatness
Posted By: jcknoxville
I have been looking all over for an addon that does this! However, my Greatness proc does not generate a timer bar. Also, and of less concern, my cooldown timers don't seem to work at all. Am I missing some dependencies or something?