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File: oUF Lumen08-11-16
Re: Re: Debuffs?
Posted By: Worcester
This is just the frames. Not any other parts of the UI. I will release that on LumUI which you can find under my addon releases. That is a compilation, this is solely the frames. And some frames are not done yet. Work in Progress. oUF is pretty barebons regarding Options unless you implement it yourself, which I'm not going to do. A...
File: oUF Lumen08-09-16
Not much changes
Posted By: Worcester
So I like the look of your UI, but I can't get much of OUF to work. Basically I can get the player and target frames, focus, and cast bars to show. That's it. The minimap stays default. I think maybe the XP bar is behind it, but I can't move it. I was gonna try the .lua file but I'm thrown by the width being "minimap +4" or what...
File: Bartender407-25-16
Thanks & Shadowdance Question
Posted By: Worcester
First, thanks for continuing to update this super helpful addon. I use a Razer Orbweaver and Naga mouse, and I have an extensive Bartender configuration to support those devices. I might make a video showing this someday. Anyway... So it looks like the new Shadowdance is a buff, rather than a state change. Is there any way to g...
File: Nephilist Garrison06-24-15
6.2 Update?
Posted By: Worcester
Any chance of an update for 6.2? Addon seems a bit wonky right now.
File: Ovale Spell Priority04-17-15
Same Issue
Posted By: Worcester
New update didn't show anything, so reverted to previous version.
File: Bartender402-25-15
Micro Menu
Posted By: Worcester
Noticed the Collections button is misplaced when putting the Micro Menu bar vertically. It juts out to the side. Just FYI. Of course it could be an issue with another addon.
File: rTargetPointer02-13-15
Behind you...
Posted By: Worcester
Unless I'm missing some option, the arrow only points to targets relatively in front of you? I was hoping it would point "down" to indicate if I've turned away from my target. Nice looking addon, as usual!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-30-15
Special Bar-Center of screen
Posted By: Worcester
Greetings, Zork. I'm trying to move the "Special Bar" that sometimes pops up in the center of the screen. It's most often visible when doing the Apexis Crystal daily quest, but also appears during some boss fights in raids and dungeons. It's clearly not a bar, unit or artwork... I'm guessing I have to go into the lua to move it,...
File: NoGuild01-12-15
Posted By: Worcester
Sounds like digital magic to me. Thanks Phanx!
File: xanChat01-03-15
Tell Target Suggestion
Posted By: Worcester
So I'm loving the lightweight addon. It works great in nearly every instance. One thing I do miss about Prat, though, is the "tell target" option. By typing /tt Prat would automatically whisper your current target. Perhaps it's just a thing I should deal with, but it was pretty handy. Just a thought. Thanks again for all the...
File: Ovale Spell Priority01-01-15
Posted By: Worcester
This is one addon that's nearly flawless. Super helpful learning new classes and specs. Simple, elegant and works in ever UI nicely. Thank you!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-22-14
Combo Point Bar Suggestion
Posted By: Worcester
Hi Zork! Thanks for the lovely UI. I appreciate that it is artful, yet simple... helpful yet lightweight. Got a suggestion for the Rogue Combo bar and similar resources... How about an option to "hide when empty"? While I like the combat fader option, it would be more beneficial to know when combo points are present... espec...
File: xanErrorDevourer11-20-14
Re: Re: You cannot drink any more yet.
Posted By: Worcester
Ah, I might have figured it out. Looks like I was running another error addon. So far, I'm having trouble removing this text. Will keep trying. It's annoying because if you have your nitro boost tied to a macro (as I do), this message comes up a lot. Found it! http://www.wowwiki.com/WoW_Constants/Errors ERR_POTION_CO...
File: xanErrorDevourer11-18-14
You cannot drink any more yet.
Posted By: Worcester
So far, I'm having trouble removing this text. Will keep trying. It's annoying because if you have your nitro boost tied to a macro (as I do), this message comes up a lot.
File: xanChat11-17-14
Fade Option
Posted By: Worcester
I've been using XanAutoMail for a while, so I thought I'd try this out instead of Prat. Also trying out your error handler! For the question about fading frames, Kong is good at identifying frames and hiding them. Even works in combat. Thanks!
File: wAlign10-31-14
In-game use
Posted By: Worcester
As well as the "standard" use for this addon, it's also useful for getting to the Rope Chest on Timeless Isle. Just FYI.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-26-14
Orb Values Resetting
Posted By: Worcester
Did I miss a response about why the Orb values reset on toons with special characters in their names? Returns to the default textures and animations on each reload.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-25-14
Problem identified-config reset
Posted By: Worcester
Hey Zork, Hope you're not staying up all night with these fixes! Thanks for all your hard work. I've identified why the orbs reset on some characters, but not others. It seems like any toon with a foreign character in the name gets reset, while all-english lettered characters retain their orb values. I saw something below about...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-16-14
Orbs Resetting
Posted By: Worcester
Thanks for the lovely UI. I've been using it for a while now and I really like how it's both minimal and yet immersive too. Anyway... I'm having an issue on some of my toons where the orbs reset to their default settings on every UI reload. I do have tons of addons, so if it's an unstable interaction, it will take some time to...
File: OPie05-30-14
Toy Box
Posted By: Worcester
Do you believe Opie will work with the upcoming Toy Box? It would be incredibly awesome to have a default ring that added everything in the box, although I could see having a custom ring for some characters too. Thanks for the great addon, btw.
File: NeedToKnow01-04-14
Mind the Gap
Posted By: Worcester
Hey, thanks for the simple and efficient add-on. I too would love to have the option to stack the active bars, with no gaps. I only need to know (no pun intended) about a couple of buffs at any one time, but for my setup the gaps are a bit too obvious. Thanks again!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-24-13
Still loving Roth UI!
Posted By: Worcester
I'm a little sad, though, because I once spent the better part of a year configuring about 2 dozen addons into my own UI, then realized Roth is 100 times better! Hehe... oh well. I was wondering if you thought about adding some class support for Shamans, perhaps totem timers? I can probably find a stand-alone addon that will tra...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)09-13-13
Re: Re: Re: Damage Font
Posted By: Worcester
@Worcester Go to your interface settings under help/other. Enable "show lua errors". A lag in combat is most of the time an indication of a lua error. The raidframe indicator is only visible in raids. That is because there is no raid header unless you are in a raid. Regarding the Lei Shen bar. Just drag it around whereever you...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)09-13-13
Re: Damage Font
Posted By: Worcester
The damage font included with RothUI almost crashes my game when I go into combat. I have no idea why. I even tried opening the font file itself and it takes an INCREDIBLY long time to load. :-( Does this happen to anyone else? It's too bad as I like the font. But I am going to try to replace it with something that loads normally....
File: Roth UI (Diablo)09-12-13
Raid Frame Missing...
Posted By: Worcester
Okay, I've looked around a lot, but can't figure out why the raid frame is missing. Even when "unlocked" there's nothing to indicate where the frame would be. Checked the config lua and it's shows "true". I'm not sure what's going on with the character specific lua, but I haven't messed with it. Also, how does one move the spec...