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File: MendWatch02-07-07
Ah well, i guess i dont have to sen...
Posted By: Alaha
Ah well, i guess i dont have to send out replies to people asking for giving them my fix :P Keep up the good work, man!
File: MendWatch02-04-07
I got my fix
Posted By: Alaha
I just wanted to add something to my post below. I got a guildie of mine to look at the lua for me, and he fixed a few things here and there and my addon is now working perfectly. I would post the update here, for those others that seem to have the same problem, but a) People would suspect that i might be uploading big, dangerous...
File: MendWatch01-30-07
Lua error
Posted By: Alaha
I just installed this nice addon today, and it is just what ive been looking for for PoM. However, it doesn't do me much good since i get a bug: Interface\AddOns\MendWatch\MendWatch.lua:496: attempt to concatenate local 'name' (a nil value) This happends every single time i am in a party, and the spell jumps. I had to disabl...