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File: OmniCC05-24-07
how to disable cc targetframe buffs and debuffs
Posted By: lilyth
hi from germany, i have downloaded the new version 1.1. im confused because you wrote "ive added the opoiton to blacklist frames in the deveopment version. The blizzard target frame buffs are added to it by default". so i hoped there is an option in the current 1.1 version to disable the cooldowns in the blizzard target frame bu...
File: MendWatch01-26-07
hello from germany i realy want...
Posted By: lilyth
hello from germany i realy want to use this addon but it isnt working. i can open the config menue but there are no bars when i cast prayer of mending :(( can i help with a german lokation? prayer of mending = Gebet der Besserung can i repair or do the lokation by myself?
File: FuBar - RegenFu11-12-06
hello from germany, i like the n...
Posted By: lilyth
hello from germany, i like the new improvements you add to the 2.0.5a version. with my priest it is running without any problems. put with my mage i get this error: Interface\AddOns\FuBar_RegenFu\FuBar_Regen.lua:6: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: Library "CandyBar-2,0" does not exist. can someone help :( ?