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File: Classic Quest Log06-12-19
was using classic quest log
Posted By: valkovalinen
Greets, I have been using classic quest log for some time, when i login today, it tells me in no uncertain terms that the mod no longer works...which is a bit odd, given it was okay last week and i am aware of no updates that broke it? any chance of a fix. thanks
File: Project Deranjata (Official)04-04-19
is this addon no longer in developm...
Posted By: valkovalinen
is this addon no longer in development? since i noticed the date from last year
File: Hekili - Priority Helper for Battle for Azeroth04-04-19
how does this compare to MaxDPS? I...
Posted By: valkovalinen
how does this compare to MaxDPS? I presume they are similar types of mods?
File: Panther04-02-19
Hello, I am not sure what is causi...
Posted By: valkovalinen
Hello, I am not sure what is causing my problem, but every few minutes or even less like every 30 seconds, i get micro stuttering and then eventual freezing, which usually results in a crash. In an attempt to try and figure our what is causing these stutters and crashes, I experimented with the mods, and I am not 100% but I think...
File: UI-tat07-22-15
This is the version number Version:...
Posted By: valkovalinen
This is the version number Version: UI-tat_1.6_V6.2.0_ERW that i downloaded, its just the regular main download link here
File: UI-tat07-21-15
Posted By: valkovalinen
I just registered. There is a big problem with my UI it looks nothing like your screenshot interface, its just one big ugly pos the way it stands rigtht now. I would like to have a more organized furniture onscreen exactly like you have in your screenshot. I went through the install and basically it screwed up, i basically hat...