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File: !SyLevel10-08-14
Posted By: SteelTheory
1. AdiBags support - check marks uncheck every time I re-log. 2. Colors - item level #'s. How do I set predefined colors for: Purple = Epic Blue = Rare Green = Uncommon etc. ? in Adibags, the color setting is "'Color Scheme':"Same as InventoryItemLevels". that was the name of the old mod, pre-Sylevel. thanks.
File: FluidFrames10-06-13
It doesn't really re-size, just str...
Posted By: SteelTheory
It doesn't really re-size, just stretches. What I'm looking for is more control over the Blizzard Menus (Interface, Keybindings, as well as Tradeskill, Vendors, Questgivers, etc.). I want to see more lines at a time. Should it be behaving this way? ty.