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File: IgnoreMore12-26-18
Re: Oh no!
Posted By: mikk
Oops! I'm visiting mom for xmas but I can look at it tomorrow evening! This has been working without giving me errors since Cata. Now, I'm suddenly getting errors on login. I'm going to need to track down the author, or get it taken over by some sympathetic person.
File: IgnoreMore03-16-12
Re: A bit confused...
Posted By: mikk
So all I do is use the /ignore command? It brings up the regular ignore window, and I've not used it enough that way to see any differences. <-- easily confused. Right-click + Ignore in the menu, or "/ignore Playername" like before. IgnoreMore doesn't change that, it only makes it possible to ignore more than 50 people + autos...
File: IgnoreMore01-19-12
the addon throws an error every tim...
Posted By: mikk
the addon throws an error every time I ignore someone, Probably because I forgot to update it on wowi >.<
File: IgnoreMore01-09-12
Re: request
Posted By: mikk
why not add "friendmore" same concept but like if u add a friend on one char you add that friend on all characters. That'll be Tekkub's "FriendsWithBenefits" :)
File: ReadyCheckAnnouncer11-01-10
Originally posted by Lombra I did...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Lombra I didn't have a problem announcing while being a raid assistant, personally. However, if the ready check finishes and someone was not ready, it won't announce until the timer runs out. This is all changed now, including ignoring afk people in "standby" groups (see description)
File: IgnoreMore10-26-10
Originally posted by Tinuviel Out...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Tinuviel Out of curiosity, is there a limit on how many people you can ignore? Hm, yes, the wow savevar file format will limit it. There can only be 262144 unique values in one savevar file, but that counts timers / notes too, so ... a fourth of that or so? Edit: or put another way: you can ignore rough...
File: IgnoreMore10-25-10
Originally posted by Dave.A I can...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Dave.A I can't seem to add notes through the UI. Nothing happens when I press . It's possible to add notes by writing "/ignore X: Y" though. Fixed now, 4.0 broke it.
File: IgnoreMore07-25-10
Re: Problems
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by cazfiend Been using it was really impressed until I ignored healer who dropped group as soon as i pulled, then i queued for another dungeon later and was groupped with them. I typed name in correctly, plus I've been having multiple ignores of the same name so unfortunately I don't think I will use it since it h...
File: IgnoreMore07-03-10
Originally posted by Oxides FYI:...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Oxides FYI: The curse updater is pushing a newer version, r47 dated 7/1 with 3.3.5 fixes. The version here is r44. Yes, I had alphas up via curse - so yes, if you have it set to download alphas, you would have been getting newer. 3.3.5 fixes are now fully released here and on curse.
File: IgnoreMore06-23-10
I'm not gone
Posted By: mikk
IgnoreMore will be working in 3.3.5, take my word for it. Maybe not immediately, depending on whether or not I can be arsed to get on the PTRs, but it will be working. I entrust my sanity to it on an everyday basis.
File: IgnoreMore04-20-10
Originally posted by trclocke Som...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by trclocke Sometimes I forget I have someone on my ignore list and whisper them anyway. Ignoremore warns me that I'm ignoring the person, but it would be nice if there were an option to prevent outbound messages to ignored people from going through at all. Is this something you would consider adding? And mi...
File: IgnoreMore04-16-10
Originally posted by borbies IMO...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by borbies IMO it would be best if they were separate with an option Seems a bit too much work for ignoring people. I've been thinking lately that I could simply always have the latest 50 seen/added offenders in the system ignore list. Should take care of most problems?
File: IgnoreMore04-16-10
Originally posted by coolsurfer S...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by coolsurfer Should i post the "hack" here or send to the author for implementation ? Post it tbh. I'm still not sure what I want to do. Especially in regards to wanting to having people in the system ignore list too to avoid ending up in queues with them. (= you can't send reasons since the server eats the m...
File: IgnoreMore02-26-10
Originally posted by trclocke Why...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by trclocke Why is a : necessary when adding a comment to the /ignore command anyway? Can't you just use the first space as the separation point, since names can't have spaces in them? Because "Playername-Realm Name With Spaces" has spaces in it. It used to be just space separated but yeah.. doesn't really...
File: IgnoreMore12-14-09
Originally posted by trclocke I'v...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by trclocke I've been curious about how ignoremore is handling the newly expanded ignore list. Are post 3.3 ignores added to blizz's ignore list until it is full, or is that circumvented entirely, just sticking ignores exclusively in ignoremore's list? It uses IgnoreMore's internal lists only. And I've been...
File: IgnoreMore12-11-09
Originally posted by standarr Wit...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by standarr With the advent of patch 3.3 and the newly implemented cross-realm dungeon finder, I would think that the feature to add players from different realms than your own to the ignore list without having encountered them (known punks) would be of help. /ignore Twerp-Realm Name
File: IgnoreMore11-25-09
Re: feature-question
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Peter65 is there a feature in ignoremore which warns me if someone who is on my ignorelist is in the same raid or group with me? it would be fine to get such a warning upon joining a raid or group or when someone from the list is joining. if there is no such feature, do you plan to implement something like...
File: IgnoreMore10-23-09
Re: Re: Duel decline
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Potter Yeah that's what i want too ^^ ideally to decline all duels while enabled..& not even notify me as best it can.. I'll have to disappoint you here. There's addons that do this already, so THAT functionality won't get added to IgnoreMore. (Though I've added autodecline for ignored people in the next r...
File: IgnoreMore10-21-09
Duel decline
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Potter What about incorporating a duel decline ;-) That would be so great..just an idea :-D Err, yes, quite an obvious idea I must admit. I just have an addon that declines ALL duels personally so it hasn't even occured to me. I'll add it!
File: IgnoreMore09-07-09
Originally posted by Wildhorn666...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Wildhorn666 Could you make this addon to block group invite? It is very annoying when someone you ignored start to spam you invites. I implemented this in 1.1.0
File: IgnoreMore07-16-09
Originally posted by JMHammer Nop...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by JMHammer Nope, I have no other addons which do anything with the ignore list. I do have FriendshareResurrection (which syncs the Friends List), but it does not do anything with the ignore list. function FriendsShare_DelIgnore(friend) function FriendsShare_AddIgnore(friend) FriendsShare_origAddIgnore...
File: IgnoreMore07-15-09
Originally posted by JMHammer W...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by JMHammer With the new version you posted yesterday, each time I log in a character my chat log is spammed with: "You can't ignore any more players." I have hundreds - HUNDREDS - of entries on my IgnoreMore list, so this is quite a bit of spam. Ehhhhh.... I didn't change anything about ignore list managem...
File: IgnoreMore07-14-09
Originally posted by JMHammer In...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by JMHammer In the last month or three, I've been receiving this error Fixed. I've been slacking :rolleyes:
File: PerfectRaid04-21-09
Originally posted by Archangel_Mike...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by Archangel_Mike Unacceptable. Wait.. wait.. it's "unacceptable" for someone writing a free addon in his spare time to do... what exactly? What if he decided he didn't want to code on it at all anymore? Would that also be unacceptable?
File: ChatThrottleLib02-16-09
Originally posted by hypehuman I...
Posted By: mikk
Originally posted by hypehuman I figured I should be hooking something, but I'm having trouble figuring out which function to hook. hooksecurefunc("SendAddonMessage", function(prefix,text,type,target) if prefix=="MyAddonPrefix" then -- do stuff! end end)