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File: NDui03-16-19
@Massiveunit the comand is /mm to m...
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@Massiveunit the comand is /mm to move elements in this UI
File: Altz UI for BFA12-29-18
Debuff on ToT Frame
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Hy, i use your Ui the first time, great job. I play Tank ingame and i miss that i can not resize the ToT Frame, and the Option to get Boss Debuffs on it.
File: ThinkTankUI [Remastered]08-14-16
How can I explain it in Elvui there...
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How can I explain it in Elvui there at the point profile , you can change the wen I change specialization , another profile is loaded . If I now in a DD the instalation Create with your DD layout , I give it to In elvui . Now Evui invites every time with my healer when I go to DD spec the dd layout .
File: ThinkTankUI [Remastered]08-12-16
Hello, First sorry for my bad engl...
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Hello, First sorry for my bad english. I use your UI at first time and it looks very nice. It would be fine if you canintegrate a button to switch the layout betwenn DPS/Tank and Heal Layout, or i am to blind to see it. You did a great work with your UI
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)07-19-15
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Helo my problem, i want to put the normal-debuff raven group as anchor to the suf raid frame as icons not bars can you help?
File: Glyph UI - 8.0 | BFA Supported07-13-15
Helo, at first great work your ui,...
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Helo, at first great work your ui, but im missing a healing layout, ingame i play a restro druid. is there one in your profiles?
File: SanUI07-10-15
Helo sorry for my bad english, n...
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Helo sorry for my bad english, now what i want to do is to put the minimap on the right site of the sreen. but then the addon menue button and raid menue button are hidden. is there a way to put them on the left side of the minimap??
File: Shining UI08-30-14
Hallo Faultier, Ich hätte gern ein...
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Hallo Faultier, Ich hätte gern ein anliegen, und zwar würde ich gern die Schriftgröße im Player und Target Frame im Heal layout ändern. hoffe du kannst mir da helfen. Danke im vorraus.
File: Shining UI08-27-14
Focus Frame
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Hallo Fauli, Zum ersten, ja denke du kannst mitlerweile anbauen zuhause um die ganzen glückwünche unterzubringen für dein geiles ui, aber GEILES UI..:D Aber eine Sache habe ich, ich würde gerne das Focus Frame verschieben, aber bin zu dumm dafür, und hoffe du kannst mir dabei helfen. danke im vorraus