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File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-04-12
Chinese idiom digital format is 100...
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Chinese idiom digital format is 1000,0000. Unlike English 10,000,000 Proposes to add the abbreviated format support for Chinese digital ;) ShadowedUnitFrames\modules\tags.lua --add chinese locale format large number local locale = GetLocale() local cL = function(en, cn, tw) return locale == 'zhCN' and cn or locale == '...
File: SlideLock04-03-12
不错 有意思
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不过呢 这里就别扯麻花疼了
File: Cooldowns01-25-10
chinese locale
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File: Sell-O-Matic05-04-09
Chinese Locale zhCN&zhTW locale by...
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Chinese Locale zhCN&zhTW locale by 默语(murmurwoods) file download url:http://wowui.duowan.com/upimg/soft/S/SellOMaticv1.1.09b.rar
File: teksLoot11-03-08
locale update zhCN&zhTW
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} or GetLocale() == "zhCN" and { = "pass", = "pass", = "greed", = "need", } or GetLocale() == "zhTW" and { = "pass", = "pass", = "greed", = "need",
File: Class Buttons10-29-08
locale all
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select(1, GetSpellInfo(46584)) ,--"Raise Dead",46584 select(1, GetSpellInfo(49206)) ,--"Summon Gargoyle",49206 select(1, GetSpellInfo(42650)) ,--"Army of the Dead",42650 try!:D:D
File: BuyEmAll10-19-08
update zhCN & zhTW locale
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if GetLocale() ~= "zhCN" then return end local L = BUYEMALL_LOCALS -- Thanks to q09q09 L.MAX = "\230\156\128\229\164\154" L.STACK = "\228\184\128\231\187\132" L.CONFIRM = "\230\152\175\229\144\166\231\161\174\229\174\158\232\166\129\228\185\176\n %2$s %1$d\228\187\182?" L.STACK_PURCH = "\230\140\137\231\187\132\2...
File: Drood Focus07-21-08
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:( dont blz unitframe style clear style !!!
File: Minimap Button Frame07-14-08
upload locale file zhCN&zhTW
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upload locale file url http://code.google.com/p/cwdg/issues/detail?id=2 update 20080714 var MBF1.9 locale by 急云@CWDG :D
File: BuyEmAll08-10-06
localization update zhCN zhTW
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update localization.lua file download url http://bbs.game.mop.com/attachment.php?aid=120009
File: ChatJustify08-03-06
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see you! mendeleev update??
File: Mendeleev05-13-06
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Credit Tekkub for making PT and adding the IteminSets function. also for redoing the PT calling system Kaelten for KCI so i could rip out your hooking code, and so i could rip it out AGAIN. Kergoth for colours and the new tooltip look q09q09 for the krKR translations. I come from China Is not the South Korean The translation...
File: Mendeleev04-14-06
Re: Re: Simplified Chinese Mendeleev 0.6.5 Fix
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Originally posted by MoonWolf I'm currently working on integrating a lot of localisations (french german etc) Thank you for that update though. For anybody interested, a tarball (certain kind of archive file winrar or 7zip can handle it) of the most current version of the code can ge gotten here. This is NOT release code. It c...
File: Mendeleev04-11-06
Simplified Chinese Mendeleev 0.6.5 Fix
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Download URL... http://bbs.game.mop.com/attachment.php?aid=81616 Updata Localization for zhCN Del MendeleevLocalsdeDE.lua Del MendelevGlobals.lua Was revised document : Mendeleev.lua #13,#257,#298 MendeleevCmd.lua #6 -------------------- Mendeleev.toc -------------------- For CWOW Only... PS: Please MoonWolf U...
File: Mendeleev02-20-06
Mendeleev.lua #190
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GameTooltip display "used in" english only? not localization field??? Chinese WOW Mendeleev.lua #190 header = "\231\148\168\228\186\142 :"
File: Mendeleev02-20-06
updata 0.5.2 Translation : zhCN
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6 MendeleevLocals.Version = "0.5.2 beta" 80 MendeleevLocals.Instance.Reg.ST = "\233\152\191\229\161\148\229\147\136\229\141\161\231\165\158\229\186\153 " 110 MendeleevLocals.Boss.Raid.Jek = "\233\171\152\233\152\182\231\165\173\229\143\184\232\128\182\229\133\139\233\135\140\229\133\139 " 111 MendeleevLocals.Boss.Raid.Ven = "\233\...