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File: QuestSounds10-06-19
Bandaid fix for Classic Wow
Posted By: rbpaiett
With all due respect to the author, I applied this edit to make it work for me in Classic. I made my own changes to suit me as far as sounds go but here it is: Go from this function at line 91: function me:checkQuest() if self.questIndex>0 then local index = self.questIndex self.questIndex = 0 -- Beware! One of the output a...
File: Titan Panel Classic [Recommended Zone]10-03-19
Re: Classic WoW error:
Posted By: rbpaiett
I posted this a few days back on your issues tracker but I'm not sure you've seen it? 28x Couldn't open TitanClassicRecZone\Libs\LibTouristClassic-1.0-90227\CallbackHandler-1.0-7\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.xml 21x Couldn't find frame parent: WorldMapFrameAreaFrame 20x TRZ_WorldMap_Text: Couldn't find relative...
File: RatingBuster10-01-19
Please make RatingBuster for Classic!
Posted By: rbpaiett
If any devs are watching or curious, please make a Classic version of this if you can, it would be da bomb!
File: Skillet-Classic09-21-19
What is this 'shopping list' thing...
Posted By: rbpaiett
What is this 'shopping list' thing everybody is referring to?--Oh nm, I see it :P This is one of the most powerful features of Skillet-Classic (and Skillet). You select recipes you want to craft and "Queue" (or "Create") them. When you don't have all the required materials what you are missing gets put into the Shopping List. When...
File: Skillet-Classic09-21-19
Chanting & Poisons
Posted By: rbpaiett
Blizzard has kiboshed Skillet-Classic support for Enchanting (and maybe Poisons): https://media.forgecdn.net/attachments/263/285/docraft.png Does this mean you have to make an adjustment or you can't do anything at all?
File: Skillet-Classic09-20-19
Things you craft (and craft with) a...
Posted By: rbpaiett
Things you craft (and craft with) are creeping into the Shopping List. It's a good idea to clear it after you have crafted and before you visit merchants, banks, or the auction house. i'm so happy - it made a runecloth bag all by itself ;) Make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest alpha releases as things like the Shopping...
File: ItemRack Classic Quickfix09-10-19
What is this?
Posted By: rbpaiett
Great, got 'it' running, gotta love it ... what IS 'it'? There's no description. Some of us don't know what ItemRack is.
File: oGlow (Classic)08-29-19
Re: Re: Crash
Posted By: rbpaiett
Hello, using and loving the addon. But there is one problem, which is reliably reproduced: If you open your crafting menu and use the little "-" button to fold something in, the game will crash. I can confirm this. Repeatable. I 2nd that.
File: Monolith DKP08-16-19
Posted By: rbpaiett
Great! ... dafuq is DKP?
File: CensusPlusClassic08-13-19
website down?
Posted By: rbpaiett
I clicked on your website link and it says: Loser, go away. jk, it says 'something went wrong' ...
File: Auctioneer08-13-19
Contact info for Auctioneer, etc.
Posted By: rbpaiett
I have gone to your website http://AuctioneerAddOn.Com but it is so counter-intuitive where to go to send a message or make inquiries, etc. The language you use there is foreign to me. Nowhere does it say 'contact us' or 'send email or msg for inquiries'. I just wanted to know whether you plan to support activity toward Classic...