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File: MayronUI Gen510-05-18
Re: Cannot Move or remove this
Posted By: cmsgirl
Heya, loving this UI apart from this thing over the chat window that i cant move or get rid of. Been through all the options, even deleted my entire WTF & interface folder and reinstalled the ui. https://i.imgur.com/taNbcXJ.jpg It's been a long time since I've seen them, but I think that's the blizzard raid/party frames. You ha...
File: MayronUI Gen508-21-18
Re: Re: sound/volumje options?
Posted By: cmsgirl
So I am trying out Mayron, since I can't seem to get Real UI which I have used since Wrath, to work correctly with BfA. I am liking a lot of what I am seeing, but the one thing I can't seem to adjust is the sound volume. I usual run the game with music turned off, but can't get it to go off with Mayron installed. The Blizzard m...
File: MayronUI Gen508-15-18
Re: Re: Azerite Power
Posted By: cmsgirl
Does anyone know how to show the Azerite Power bar like the old Artifact power bar or has it been added yet? Just wondering as I really love this UI and want to make sure I'm not missing this. Not sure honestly. We're looking for more developers to help out with the project as I haven't even been able to experience the new expans...
File: MayronUI Gen504-10-18
Re: Custom ui setup
Posted By: cmsgirl
I'm new to custom ui's and was wondering if I have to set it up to how I want or is the ui already done I just customise as I see fit? On the main page there is a link to a video, the first few minutes of it show MayronUI and the config for it: https://youtu.be/vVnct7QTJOQ So that might give an idea of what it looks like when you f...
File: MayronUI Gen504-06-18
Re: Lua error, help pls
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hey, i keep getting some sound lua error. anyone able to help me fix them perhaps? Message: :2: Usage: PlaySound(soundKitID, optional, ) Time: 04/06/18 13:43:01 Count: 1 Stack: :2: Usage: PlaySound(soundKitID, optional, ) : ? : in function `PlaySound' :2: in function <:1> Locals: and this one: Message: :1: Usage:...
File: MayronUI Gen504-01-18
I am a huge fan of your creations a...
Posted By: cmsgirl
I am a huge fan of your creations and have used them on the official as well as private servers back then. Now I wanted to ask, which version of you is suitable for 7.1.5? Which versions can I use? Only the last one? I'd be happy for help. best regards 3eist I'm not him, but he has commented on this topic (private server...
File: MayronUI Gen503-30-18
Re: Expand/retract UI issues
Posted By: cmsgirl
I'm having issues expanding and retracting the action bars. I don't know what to do and I'd really like the second bottom bar like on my main character. Thanks in advance Hm, did you try this already (from the addon author's description info) ? http://i.imgur.com/969BHmA.jpg?1 If so and it's still not working, check the MUI...
File: MayronUI Gen502-13-18
Re: Re: Is this addon supported?
Posted By: cmsgirl
Is this addon being updated/supported by the author? Starting to wonder that too bud. Got a few glitches so been patiently waiting an update since the last one in early September last year. If you look at 'Other Files' you can see that it has gone no longer than 3 months before an update, generally only 1 month though. Also, somew...
File: MayronUI Gen507-30-17
Re: Great job.
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hi, thank you for a great job. One question: Is it possible to change the map? It is because of the icons that sorrounded the map, as AMR instead, don't fix in the correct place (they appear inside the map). Some options: --on the character selection screen, under addons, uncheck "MUI Minimap" and it should resort back to the de...
File: MayronUI Gen507-21-17
Re: Map Change
Posted By: cmsgirl
Love the UI...but i had one question how to get the old round mini map as much as i enjoy the ui the map annoys me a little on the character selection screen, under addons, uncheck "MUI Minimap" and it should resort back to the default map Or you can use a different addon for the map called SexyMap (which is what I do)
File: MayronUI Gen506-24-17
Re: Missing Zone Ability Bar
Posted By: cmsgirl
The zone ability bar is missing when Shadowed Unit Frames is loaded. This is the bar that shows your progress on "Ley Race" WQs and in the ToS Demonic Inquisition encounter. Has anybody else encountered this and did you figure out how to fix it? Try: /suf Then look for "hide blizzard" and uncheck "hide alt power bar" You sh...
File: MayronUI Gen505-21-17
How can I move the Extra Action But...
Posted By: cmsgirl
How can I move the Extra Action Button? https://i.imgur.com/kwXEzoU.png Its not part of Bartender and is too high on screen for my taste :) Thanks It is a part of bartender. Do /bt then uncheck the "lock" box at the top. You should be able to move it then; that's how I moved mine.
File: MayronUI Gen505-20-17
Sweet you just answered my next que...
Posted By: cmsgirl
Sweet you just answered my next question. I wanted sexymap too but was worried about the mui map if it would break the UI. once you install MUI, you can disable the MUI minimap and turn on sexymap
File: MayronUI Gen505-20-17
Re: Addon Swaps
Posted By: cmsgirl
Quick question before I install your awesome looking UI....can I just swap addons? I personally love Details as my dps meter and wanted to know if that would interfere with the one that comes with your package? I saw in the comments about bag addons so I have that covered, just wanted to know how user friendly your UI is for addo...
File: MayronUI Gen503-31-17
Re: 7.2 Mayron Lua bug.
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hey. So I have been using Mayronui since MoP and upgraded to gen 5 during legion. 7.2 has just came out and ever since then, half of mayron just doesnt load and and I get this lua error I have copied below. I can get it to load correctly for a brief amount of time but whenever I get a loading screen or /reloadui its gone until I exit...
File: MayronUI Gen503-10-17
Re: Re: Re: New user
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hello, I'm sort of new to WoW and I just installed this UI. I love it!!! The question that I have, if anyone can help, is that minion tells me there are some of the addons that came with the UI need to be updated. Is it safe to update them or should I just ignore them? Which addons in particular? Postal, Bartender, Recount, Col...
File: MayronUI Gen502-12-17
Hi, could someone pls tell me, whic...
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hi, could someone pls tell me, which of the addons could hide the "progress" bar during some boss mechanics and WQ? I mean the bar used for corruption on Xavius etc. Thanks Shadowed Unit Frames. Type "/suf" and you should find it in the Hide Blizzard tab not sure what exactly it is called). I really need to uncheck this option by...
File: MayronUI Gen502-10-17
I got a problem how can i delete it...
Posted By: cmsgirl
I got a problem how can i delete it from the screen? http://imgur.com/a/j5s1K You must not have done a clean install for Gen5, it looks like part of Gen4 is still there, which could cause alot of issues. This particular issue should be solved by going to your WoW > Interface > Addons folder and deleting the sldt folders.
File: MayronUI Gen502-10-17
Re: Class Hall Bar...
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hello the class hall bar has been showing up lately anyone know how to get rid or it or make it smaller again? or do i have to reinstall MayronUI. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/230466902567157761/279530257638490121/unknown.png Edit: Ok so it seems recount is having some major issues guess im just going to switch to sk...
File: MayronUI Gen501-01-17
I frequently can't right click off...
Posted By: cmsgirl
I frequently can't right click off my buffs :( Definitely can't in combat This is an AuraFrames issue I think. There is an option in AuraFrames to allow you to set up a Cancel Aura keybind. I'm not sure if it works in combat or not, but you can adjust it and try that out. I don't personally use AuraFrames so I removed it from my f...
File: MayronUI Gen511-18-16
Re: Lua Error
Posted By: cmsgirl
I'm playing on a private server.. and it's on 7.0.3 Can you post a link to the 7.0.3 version please? Addon authors work voluntarily to provide the community with up to date addons to work in the current game. You can't expect them to keep around old versions of their addons and maintain those outdated versions for those of you wh...
File: MayronUI Gen509-17-16
Hi i got a huge problem with my UI...
Posted By: cmsgirl
Hi i got a huge problem with my UI http://imgur.com/WFFWtlH Can you point me where can i fix it? Those look like bazooka plugins that haven't been assigned a bar. Go to /bazooka, then plugins and either assign them a spot, or disable them.
File: MayronUI Gen507-31-16
When will Gen-5 be finished? Using...
Posted By: cmsgirl
When will Gen-5 be finished? Using a thrown together UI till it's released but really would like to continue using this. Gen-4 is giving me so many errors i cannot use it. He already answered this question a few posts down. You can also follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayronwow or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/M...
File: MayronUI Gen507-21-16
Re: Version 4.9.0
Posted By: cmsgirl
Version 4.9.0 is now available for download! This version is still Gen4! Gen5 beta will be available in 1 to 2 weeks (most likely at least 2) and will be available for Legion's release date. Change Log (4.9.0): -- WARNING: This is a rushed update for patch 7.0.0. I am focusing on Gen5 and Gen4 is low priority but at least you...
File: MayronUI Gen507-20-16
He is going to be releasing somethi...
Posted By: cmsgirl
He is going to be releasing something in the coming weeks, check his facebook/twitter to stay updated. Is there any immediate fix to the castbar being broken? I'm going to have to change my UI completely if i cant get a working castbar He said it should be another week or two. You don't have to do something so drastic. There is...