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File: GennUI07-05-19
Chat Missing
Posted By: candrid
When I use this edit, the left chat is always missing. I can use it, aka hit enter, bring it up, type in it - but it stays hidden unless I hit enter again. This is problematic in BGs because I can't see what people are saying without typing myself. Any ideas? I even removed fade options in elvui config.
File: MayronUI Gen612-31-18
Re: DoT's Falling Off But Still Ticking
Posted By: candrid
Hello and Merry Christmas! First off, I absolutely love this UI. Thank you for making it. I can tell the amount of care that went into this project. I do have a question. I play a shadow priest, and when I was leveling her, my shadow word pain and vampiric touch would still be ticking on the target, but disappear from above my Sh...
File: Altz UI for BFA12-06-18
Re: Re: Tooltips
Posted By: candrid
Is there a way to move the tooltip? In the Config, click Unlock all frames in the Intro. Select the tooltip window and move it to where you want and then click Lock all frames. Sadly, I see no tooltip window.
File: Altz UI for BFA11-22-18
Posted By: candrid
Is there a way to move the tooltip?
File: MelloUI v1.0110-02-18
White Box
Posted By: candrid
My target frame is always a solid, white box with no portrait even though it is enabled. Is there a fix? Also happens with raid frames, such as BGs and groups.
File: bdGrid02-15-17
How would I go about adding resourc...
Posted By: candrid
How would I go about adding resource bars such as mana to the frames?
File: RDX02-12-17
Posted By: candrid
I followed the steps on the wiki but my "Desktop" never enters the theme list. Also, if I am using the default I cannot create any windows/objects. Any ideas? I followed the installation steps. -C
File: MayronUI Gen602-09-17
Posted By: candrid
I love your tutorials on youtube! You should keep them going! - C
File: ls: UI10-12-16
Re: Re: Missing Party Frames
Posted By: candrid
Hey! That did it, I had use raid frame on. I turned it off and boom. Thanks again. Hello Lightspark! I love the UI - however, I haven't changed any settings and I have no party frames while in a party. Any ideas? - C Hi! The only reason why party frames might be hidden is because you have default compact party...
File: ls: UI10-11-16
Missing Party Frames
Posted By: candrid
Hello Lightspark! I love the UI - however, I haven't changed any settings and I have no party frames while in a party. Any ideas? - C
File: Qulight UI08-10-16
Error on Login
Posted By: candrid
This error is produced on login and on reload. Message: Interface\AddOns\QulightUI\Addons\UF\Raid\raid.lua:1093: attempt to index global 'CompactRaidFrameManager' (a nil value) Time: 08/10/16 14:02:26 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\QulightUI\Addons\UF\Raid\raid.lua:1093: in function `func' Interface\AddOns\QulightUI\Root\Lib...
File: oUF_Fail08-07-16
That would be cool. Anything I sho...
Posted By: candrid
That would be cool. Anything I should read to start?
File: oUF_Fail08-01-16
Posted By: candrid
Hello, I was wondering if I could pay you to teach me how to make these type of layouts? Thank you in advance.
File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player05-28-16
Hey Vacant, could you help me pleas...
Posted By: candrid
Hey Vacant, could you help me please, I am not seeing your profile in SCT. I also can't get my UI to look like yours, which looks fkin amazing. Here is an SS of what I got so far http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w142/Nicktracy420/WoWScrnShot_123115_231303_zpsnweih1ek.jpg Also how the hell to I hide gladius outside of...
File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player05-28-16
Re: Black box around action bars
Posted By: candrid
Awesome UI. However, i am having a issue where there is a big black box connected to action bar 1 and moves with the A1. Looks like a layered panel behind the action bars.. any way to get rid of that? That box is made by KGPanels.
File: Wullie's UI09-01-15
Legendary Ring Tracker
Posted By: candrid
What tracks the legendary rings? Thats awesome. Found out - anyway since the update to 6.2.2 I no longer get enemy plates. Any ideas?
File: Altz UI for BFA08-13-15
First of all congratz to this reall...
Posted By: candrid
First of all congratz to this really nice UI I was playing around with it for a while now and tried to activate additional action bars. the setup shows a rightMultiactionbar and multiaction bar. I couldnt figure out how to activate them. I need way more fields for my spells beside the given one after installation. would be ni...
File: Altz UI for BFA07-13-15
Runebar Error
Posted By: candrid
Since the last update I get this new, runebar error: Message: Interface\AddOns\AltzUI\lib\oUF\elements\runebar.lua:100: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'start' (a nil value) Time: 07/13/15 06:12:46 Count: 18 Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\AltzUI\lib\oUF\elements\runebar.lua:100: in function
File: Altz UI for BFA07-10-15
@candrid You should try raid fra...
Posted By: candrid
@candrid You should try raid frames for healers. GUI→Raid Frames→Switch(click Healer and disable Auto Switch) Some features are only available for healers' raid frames. eg. aggro border, click-casting http://i.imgur.com/6X3jIsK.png I'm really confused for the Auto invite. I think the change of key words apply imm...
File: Altz UI for BFA07-09-15
- V6.23 - Raid Frames do not hig...
Posted By: candrid
- V6.23 - Raid Frames do not highlight or indicate who has aggro. Pic attached. - Auto invite keywords cannot be changed from 111 123 to anything else. Clicking Apply does not commit changes. Pic attached. - Requests - Make the clock editable, for example, enabling setting local or realm time, 12 or 24 hr format....
File: Altz UI for BFA07-09-15
Re: Calendar on UI
Posted By: candrid
Sorry for this stupid question but where's the calendar on this UI ? Thx Click the clock.
File: Altz UI for BFA07-09-15
Follow up
Posted By: candrid
Hello! For rogue, with the talent Anticipation you can have a total of 10 combo points - the basic 5 and then 5 on top. For death knight, any time the screen reloads, for example, hearthing. This UI is.. awesome. Keep up the great work! ~C
File: Altz UI for BFA07-06-15
Improvement List
Posted By: candrid
Hello! This is the best UI on WoWInterface, I just want to make that clear. With that in mind, I have prepared and will update this list of needed adjustments. I am asking other members to also respond with similar comments so we can help the author continue to make this even better. Here is goes: Rogue: Anticipation is n...
File: SuperVillain UI06-17-15
Auto Repairs
Posted By: candrid
Anyone know how to make the UI repair using guild money automatic vs my money?
File: SuperVillain UI05-24-15
Re: Re: Re: Re: PvP Flag?
Posted By: candrid
Thanks again!