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File: SBF 3.2 Beta01-13-12
Adding Spell ID's to Track Buffs
Posted By: dcwarcraft
How do I manually add a spell ID to SBF? ITEM: Wrath of Unchaining SPELL ID: 105919 SPELL NAME: Chronohunter I assume others need to know this as well so any how to post regarding adding buffs/debuffs is appreciated as the buff list has not been updated.
File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-23-11
New Patch Release - Fan Update?
Posted By: dcwarcraft
Aratar, Raistlan, and others, I have posted here before spouting my love for this add on. I am very interested in seeing it continued in the next patch (which will be released in the next 7-14 days) Is anyone planning on posting a fan update? dcwarcraft
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-26-11
Party Interface showing in Raids.
Posted By: dcwarcraft
Seems the function to hide the party interface when in ANY Raid is not working since the new patch yesterday. I have the correct box checked, but the party interface is still showing up. I manually disabled the party frames for now, but I am hoping this can be fixed.
File: SBF 3.2 Beta08-31-11
Maintain this please!!!!
Posted By: dcwarcraft
Aratar - Thanks a lot man, whatever you did seems to work perfectly. I am also praying this add on gets a new developer or at LEAST someone to maintain it through upcoming patches. I could care less if this add on ever receives "enhancements". Its perfect the way it is now... Just need it to keep working... This is the best buff...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 308-29-11
Error - Satrina - Any Ideas?
Posted By: dcwarcraft
Ok, there seems to be an issue with Satrina/Ace3. I have Sun Art Viewport installed which is an Ace3 add on. When this is active, Satrina doesn't work. Installing Ace3 separately has no effect on it. So, for now, I can't use both add ons which sucks.... The error is listed below, any idea if a new developer can be found on this?...
File: SBF 3.2 Beta08-23-11
Is there another fan update to fix...
Posted By: dcwarcraft
Is there another fan update to fix Satrina? It's broken again.
File: SBF 3.2 Beta04-28-11
Re: Fix for 4.1
Posted By: dcwarcraft
YOU ARE A GOD - plain and simple. Now it would be great to know if this will be supported in the future... Originally posted by Xilence The problem with 4.1 is the same thing other addons have been having. The arguments the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event handlers receive have changed, there is a new hideCaster argument....
File: SBF 3.2 Beta04-27-11
plea for update!
Posted By: dcwarcraft
Disappointed to see this add on gone. I have been waiting all day for a response from the developer to see if this add on will be fixed/updated. So far... Nothing... As a member of a progressed heroic raiding guild, I can't sit around and hope the developer shows up 2-3 weeks from now... The guild doesn't wait on add ons to push p...