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File: EveryQuest11-12-11
Of course this has to be updated an...
Posted By: Jakk Frost
Of course this has to be updated and an old build isn't going to work. Blizz revamped the entire structure of questing, not to mention revamping the majority of quests in vanilla areas, to the point that the addon was rendered useless, through no fault of the author's. I would assume this addon would likewise have to be rebuilt a...
File: Comix10-31-11
DBM-VS style
Posted By: Jakk Frost
You know, just found this mod and so far I'm loving it! Was just wondering if you'd considered adding code similar to DBM Victory Sounds, or incorporating that mod somehow, so that you could play the Batman fight music (from the Adam West show) during combat?
File: HunterAnnouncer10-30-11
Originally posted by js07m378 It...
Posted By: Jakk Frost
Originally posted by js07m378 It would also be nice if it could announce to battleground channel when you're in a bg but not in a party/raid (mainly for dispels I guess), but thats a minor thing. I agree with this one, this would be a nice, if low-priority thing to add. :)
File: Bagnon05-02-09
Originally posted by ash23 Hi Tul...
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Originally posted by ash23 Hi Tuller, Thanks for the great addon! I just have 2 issues, sometimes when i am looking at the inventory and searching for a specific item say "consumables" after hitting exit the screen will still show some items as "selected" or "lit up" and the rest greyed out. Also i recently got this item Wan...