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File: Juggler06-22-13
Re: torch juggler
Posted By: Ketua
Make the following extremely complex macro:-) #-- Cut Here (Begin) /use juggling torch #-- Cut Here (End) ..... I don't want to belittle your add-on, it is probably a great add-on. But I feel that if people thought about a macro for a second, they wouldn't bother. Or maybe drag the item into your hotbar. You know,...
File: Obituary05-29-11
Originally posted by nebula I for...
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by nebula I forked this awhile ago and have been updating it: http://nebularg.com/wow/ObituaryN-2.0.1.zip Was contemplating publishing it, but never got around to it mostly because there is a different addon named Obituary already on Curse, lol. There are a few changes, but it has pretty much the same fun...
File: GuildWho03-13-11
Wow... not functional for me.
Posted By: Ketua
So I installed this and logged in.... It tells me that every single member of the guild is an alt of every single member of the guild. ie: I mouse over any guildie name in the guild window and it lists every single member as an alt of theirs, same thing with /alt commands. my guild uses public notes and every single character has...
File: shClock03-12-11
Originally posted by shUI I took...
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by shUI I took it out awhile ago, but I have been getting lots of request for it. I am going to make it an option set by the user and it will show in the data broker if you want it on. Look for it in the next update. TYVM
File: shClock03-06-11
Mine isn't showing seconds like in...
Posted By: Ketua
Mine isn't showing seconds like in your SS, and other people talk about it as well. Am I doing something wrong? or was it removed? 15k isn't a big deal to me, I have some addons that use 15MiB, but I really need those seconds to show.
File: Prat 3.001-22-11
Greetings, I have to say I absolute...
Posted By: Ketua
Greetings, I have to say I absolutely love this addon, but recently I've hit a bit of an issue due to my guild officers altering the way they track alts. They used to use ''s alt' in Officer notes so the Alt Names module would grab them for me. But recently they started using 'Alt - ' in public notes instead. We're...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window12-23-10
Works great for me. No freezing for...
Posted By: Ketua
Works great for me. No freezing for me.(read someplace if you disable other addons that stops so it's a conflict somewhere) One thing though, when buying reagents from a shop, bliz altered how items sold in stacks of 5 are bought. you can now input like 2 or 3 and get JUST 2 or three of these items, not 10 or 15. As such when buyi...
File: Livestock - Cataclysm11-01-10
May sound weird, but is there a /sl...
Posted By: Ketua
May sound weird, but is there a /slash command for triggering the smart mount button?
File: PallyPower11-01-10
Originally posted by Wylder Origi...
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by Wylder Originally posted by Argone Hi ! Is there any possibility to add the macro /cancelaura Righteous Fury on it's button when RF is off ? (when we scrolled it, not when disable :D) Seconded If I recall correctly, Blizzard disabled the ability for addons to remove Buffs in the 4.0 patch. In other...
File: ArkInventory10-24-10
With your lastest version (10/24/20...
Posted By: Ketua
With your lastest version (10/24/2010) I keep getting an error message when I open my bag. It's funny cause it worked fine for about an hour or two then started doing this for no apparent reason. My bag never appears and It says my saved bag data is corrupt and will be erased, please open bag to re-save data. I get a second line s...
File: EveryQuest09-09-10
Re: questgivers/handynotes.
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by zoktar love the combo with handynotes/everyquest questgivers, tho i have completed alot of quests before i put handynotes/everyquest questgivers in. is it possible to have everyquest questgivers to read from everyquest database of completed quests and remove questgivers that i dont have any quest left to do for...
File: LootLink05-23-10
/cry Love you man, glad you see...
Posted By: Ketua
/cry Love you man, glad you see your back.
File: Obituary05-02-10
Posted By: Ketua
I understand you don't play wow anymore, so this may not be possible. Could it be arranged to make this report in whispers to the individuals who die? For example, Ted is killed because he pulled agro and took some melee swipes and Roger went down cause he couldn't move out of fire. So instead of reporting all this into a chann...
File: Redeemer02-17-10
Re: long list o quotes
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by cowlinator I thought I'd post my quotes I've collected (& shamelessly stolen) here, for anyone who wants to use them. /love
File: PallyPower10-26-09
Re: Re: Logic Broke
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by Aznamir It is still work in progress. Right now Sanct blessing > Any Improved blessing. Right, but it's not having them do sanc it's having them do might and wisdom, and I'm doing kings.
File: PallyPower10-23-09
Logic Broke
Posted By: Ketua
It seems to me since the last update with your "made improvements to auto assign logic" That the logic broke. I've tested it several times with diferent palis and it always seem the that who ever DOESN'T have improved blessings, does those blessings. Like continuously I'll be grouped with a tank pali, (I'm holy). I have improved W...
File: Obituary09-25-09
Any chance of putting in 'Yell' and...
Posted By: Ketua
Any chance of putting in 'Yell' and "raid warning" as default channels? I'm kinda the death tracker in my guild and this would help greatly to keep me from having to switch back and forth between party and raid defaults depending on which type of instance I'm in. In the meantime I'm pretty sure I've figured out how to manually...
File: ScrapBook (Retail)05-14-09
Originally posted by Ne0nguy Vers...
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by Ne0nguy Version is still available in the archives until a version is released which will give you the option of choosing your preferred snapshot type. Duh.. completely forgot about the archives.
File: ScrapBook (Retail)05-13-09
I actually preferred the way previo...
Posted By: Ketua
I actually preferred the way previous version showed the UI and put a time/date stamp in the chat window. anyway to restore this capability?
File: RepeatableQuestHelper04-14-09
Originally posted by alexwild Sor...
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by alexwild Sorry I had a lot of work to do, so I had no chance for an update. I think "Blood for Blood" is the only quest where you can choose a reward. The Problem is, that the addon tries to complete the quest, but it is not possible, because no reward was choosen. If "Blood for Blood" is realy the only ques...
File: ScrapBook (Retail)04-12-09
Posted By: Ketua
Fantastic Addon, but it usually misses the high points, any chance you could set up togglable SS for achievements, levels, and boss kills as well? I currently Use Multishot for that, so it's no big deal. But it would be great to have it all in one addon. And you can't toggle Multishot so I end up with a lot of SS for bosses I've k...
File: Overachiever04-11-09
Posted By: Ketua
Any chance you could add a "take screenshot" option that would auto take a screenshot whenever we earn an achievement?
File: RepeatableQuestHelper03-16-09
Picking up the pieces..
Posted By: Ketua
Well I've pretty much given up on the author.. looks like any additions/fixes we'll have to make ourselves.
File: LilSparky's Workshop02-28-09
Component costs
Posted By: Ketua
Originally posted by AnrDaemon It is possible to break pigments cost further down into herb prices? And... can we please have tooltip at the mouse cursor position? As very least. I've only accidentally found that LSW showing details as tooltip somewhere in the farthest corner of game window. I'm in the same boat here, as an e...
File: Fizzwidget FactionFriend02-20-09
Greetings, I'm using a UI add-on...
Posted By: Ketua
Greetings, I'm using a UI add-on (Spartan UI) which takes control of the reputation bar, as such I can't see your tooltip. Is there any other way to bring up your tooltip besides mousing over the faction bar? Originally posted by dracula Got any plans on adding this to curse as well? They got a fairly good updater these days....