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File: FreeUI09-11-16
How do I show the name of keybinds...
Posted By: duese
How do I show the name of keybinds and macros in the skill bar? Sorry my english :) Press "ESC" and you will find under FreeUi/Actionbars the option. Do anybody know, were i find the procressbar for the questracker, which shows how many procent of the quest is done?
File: bUI04-21-12
Re: PetHappiness Lua Error
Posted By: duese
Hello, got this lua error each time - when i mouseover pet frame - with my warlock: Just delete in File:Interface\AddOns\bUI\functions.lua those line 125 and 126 to fix the Problem
File: majBar07-07-11
Little Improvement
Posted By: duese
A little and nice addon. i like it very much:) I have add a scaling option. Maybe someone else want this too. Only add this at the top of the move function -- Scaling local MainScale = 0.78 local SideScale = 0.6 MainMenuBar:SetScale(MainScale) VehicleMenuBar:SetScale(MainScale) MultiBarRight:SetScale(MainScale)...
File: Cyui v404-28-11
Originally posted by Coldblooded...
Posted By: duese
Originally posted by Coldblooded Hmm i have a weird problem. The unitframes dosent show up even when i target something :O I have cleared WTF etc so that shouldnt be a prob. I have the same problem. Do anybody know how to fix it?
File: SuperClassic10-28-10
fontsize option for chat
Posted By: duese
great Ui: :banana: Could you please add an ingame option for the fontsize. Btw there is a little bug in rightclick fontoption showing the 15pt size twice. should i made any more else changes/modules in my UI?
File: TinyDPS06-02-10
hide in combalt
Posted By: duese
Great and lightway addon Is it possible, to change the option hide out of combalt, in hide in combalt? This way i could use the same screenspace for a threatmeter.
File: Silent Horses01-03-10
do it also for gnom mount
Posted By: duese
pls add the gnomish mount to the list. :rolleyes: