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File: Broker_repair11-18-10
two errors in grammar
Posted By: Aywn
I love the addon but there are two massive Grammar errors that I thought I would point out to you the first is in the tooltip when nothing needs repair It should read "All Items Are Good!" not "All Item Good!" and the second is in the chat box when the addon reports what it spent on repairs It should read "You Repaired for" or...
File: Tidy Bar11-04-10
is there a way...
Posted By: Aywn
is there a way to stop the addon from affecting the Vertical Action Bars? I love the addon but the vertical action bars are where I like them and I want to see them all the time(mouseover is a pain)... Thanx Aywn
File: DHUD for 6.010-25-10
is there a way...
Posted By: Aywn
is there a way to get rid of the bubbles in the bars? I'd rather just have solid color as opposed to the texture.
File: nUI: DeathKnight Dashboard Skin04-04-10
Originally posted by Petrah I sup...
Posted By: Aywn
Originally posted by Petrah I suppose when you create the top panel you would just put it at 100% opacity. Hmm.. not sure why that link isn't working. Id offer you the one I have from there but I don't know what their copyright rules are about redistributing their software. You can try using the one from here at WoWI, but I hear...
File: nUI: DeathKnight Dashboard Skin03-28-10
Yeah I know you can make it appear...
Posted By: Aywn
Yeah I know you can make it appear on mouseover but the problem is the artwork also shows when you mouseover. My question is about removing the art work without removing the minibar. I'm a tank and the art gets in the way of seeing the mobs near the top of the screen... Not seeing mobs + not getting agro on the unseen mobs = Teamm...
File: nUI: DeathKnight Dashboard Skin03-27-10
Is there a way to remove the roof?
Posted By: Aywn
is there a way to remove the upper console graphic? i love the DK theme but i just cant stand the loss of the top of the screen! I like to have the things that are on the console and move them off the top of the screen but they disappear if i turn the console off or put it on mouse over. I've seen some art that doesn't have the top...
File: BarKeep03-20-10
minor problem
Posted By: Aywn
I noticed that when you are on a combat bar mount(one that has one of it's own) and you dismount in combat or the mount dies the action-bars don't return. Usally they do if u can get another mount or if u reload the ui but its annoying when you are in a fight and your action bars are gone! And by the way I don't just mean invisible...
File: OneBank309-03-09
the only way it could be better
Posted By: Aywn
The only way it could be better is if you could open the bank anywhere in the world as apposed to just at the bank. Just a Thought
File: QuestGuru09-02-09
Sound and Tracker Problem
Posted By: Aywn
Hi for some stupid reason when I actavate the Custom Sounds for quest tracking Millhouse Manastorm replaces the exploration sound! Is that supposed to happen if so how do I disable that feature? Also the Tracker doesn't ever work I've been forced to use Inquest witch doesn't allow me to open Quest Guru on a click so... I like your...
File: Inquest08-29-09
Posted By: Aywn
how about the option to turn off the quest items in the tracker? I absolutely hate those stupid icons! I like Inquest but I've seen this done with the questguru tracker so i know it can be done. thanx Aywn
File: Malsumis® Font Changer08-23-09
Posted By: Aywn
So to return to the game Default you would delete the Fonts Folder?
File: Inquest04-22-09
Simple Question
Posted By: Aywn
Can I add My own sounds to play after quest completion? If So How?
File: AutoProfit12-08-08
backup exceptions list???
Posted By: Aywn
is it possible to save your exceptions list? I have 3 different computers and am sick of waiting until I get a item then logging in on all three before selling the item! if I could move the list between the computers it would save plenty of headaches! can you inform us the file that holds the exceptions so the rest of us can backu...