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File: DoTimer01-02-12
Hello, Thanks for this AddOn aga...
Posted By: ZikO
Hello, Thanks for this AddOn again. It unfortunately does not seem to work with the other addons I use. I've got an error (below) when I copy one profile to another when the others are loaded. This log error shows the problem and the list of the AddOns I use: ----- START LOG --------------------------------------------------...
File: QuestGuru09-06-09
QuestGuru and its sounds
Posted By: ZikO
Hi all =) MrOBrian, I would have question or maybe even request to you. I have installed your AddOn mainly because of having opportunity to hear sound when I progress with quest or when I finish quests. For some reason it helps me a lot. The main part of that Addon is not much important for me. I am happy with original Blizzard's...
File: DoTimer07-28-09
Re: Re: DoTimer started spamming errors :/
Posted By: ZikO
Originally posted by Arkive Ziko, While I don't use Bartender (I use Dominos), I do use Pitbull4, and I have no such crashes. I will try Domino then. I hope it will be working because that would be a huge loss if i couldnt use DoTimer :P
File: DoTimer07-24-09
DoTimer started spamming errors :/
Posted By: ZikO
Hi I have been using this Addon as I think this is the best in its category. However, i am affraid something's wrong. Once I have installed other addons mainly Pitbull4 and Bartender, DoTimer started just crashing everytime I am in party/Raid. Doe any1 else have the same problem? These are links of errors generated by DoTimer...