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File: Aurora: Missing Textures08-26-16
Support for Inbox Mailbag
Posted By: xtoq
Would it be possible to add support for Inbox Mailbag? Thank you for a great mod!
File: Cirk's Mousetip (Fan Update)01-20-16
wtb WoD update cuz now that it's no...
Posted By: xtoq
wtb WoD update cuz now that it's not doing some things (and it's completely broken the macro UI some how ...) i've noticed how much i've gotten used to this addon and how it looks and i don't want to lose it ... Hey, sorry for being gone so long; I just didn't think to check this! Are you still playing, and if so, are you still...
File: DockingStation (Display)07-04-15
No plugin options again
Posted By: xtoq
Same issue from 6.0 is happening again: options panel is empty. I'm not seeing any errors related specifically to DockingStation, but if you need me to provide an error log just holler.
File: AGT - Automatic Goblin Therapist07-02-15
I was a lot on PTR during the last...
Posted By: xtoq
I was a lot on PTR during the last few days ... which is the ideal playground for the goblin therapist. Can't imagine what a crucial experience that had been without him guarding my back. :D Duugu, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have often thought of messaging you to see if you would allow another author to maintain this...
File: Useful Extras10-18-14
Re: Status
Posted By: xtoq
So glad to see you back EV! If you need someone to test on the weekends, PM me; I'll be glad to help however I can. Thanks for thinking of us! =D
File: oGlow03-17-13
Any updates for this coming soon? :...
Posted By: xtoq
Any updates for this coming soon? :/ Stopped working properly after 5.2. I wasn't aware of that. Care to list what specifically breaks? I don't know about the OP, but for me specifically, it doesn't seem to make any items glow, even my toons with no addons. I haven't tried it on a fresh toon yet though, just disabled all my ad...
File: Ghost: Recon: Continued05-29-11
Originally posted by oXid_FoX tha...
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by oXid_FoX thank you very much :) /gr was also messing my my Smart Group slash command....Thanks!!!!
File: Daily To-Do's04-15-11
Is there LDB support? And if not,...
Posted By: xtoq
Is there LDB support? And if not, can I request it? This looks amazing, trying it out now!
File: Cirk's Mousetip (Fan Update)04-10-11
Whooops! Just came back over here...
Posted By: xtoq
Whooops! Just came back over here to check things out, I'll look into it, thanks! Any other issues that have been noticed? EDIT: @Sintacks - I don't use Mousetip that much, how did this functionality work previously?
File: Automatic Raid Icons04-02-11
What about when you have more than...
Posted By: xtoq
What about when you have more than one tank? Does it set an X on the second tank's target and how would the order of tanks be determined? If this isn't already implemented, I'd love to see it. I'll try it out in some heroics, but I can't have it changing marks in raids unless I have some additional control, you know?
File: AI-Art03-13-11
Re: Re: Re: Please help me get this working.
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by Duchess Yea I tried that. Had the 20 or so files you speak of all over the place in my Addons folder. And nothing. No change in UI or anything. So something else is not right. It doesn't go in addons, it goes inside interface, which is "above" addons in the file structure.
File: Armory02-20-11
Re: Limit on number of Guild Banks?
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by Fulvio Gerardi Also, with regard to filing tickets on curse, it is currently impossible to register there, any attempt returning a "Bad Request" with no further explanation. It was pure luck that I found this site to contact you through, and I would recommend not putting all your eggs in one basket, particularl...
File: Ara Broker Reputations02-20-11
Originally posted by BeKay A sugg...
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by BeKay A suggestion, if I may. :) I would love a simple (?) addition with regards to guild rep tracking. Tracking the weekly cap of the guild rep, would it be possible to add an icon to the Ara Rep display which changes based on reaching the weekly cap, eg. green light icon while guild rep is gained, then tu...
File: GuildMaster01-22-11
Re: Re: Re: I'm not the Guild Master?
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by kraftman Hey, thanks for the feedback. The alts tracker is currently still under development. Currently it tracks which alts are in the guild, and shares them with other people. What it doesnt actually do yet it show you who's alts are whose directly. Why? Because I'm not really sure how to do it. How wo...
File: gPet01-21-11
PetLeash has the ability to ignore...
Posted By: xtoq
PetLeash has the ability to ignore "special" pets. Maybe you can use that to figure out how to do it for your addon? http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12359-PetLeash.html
File: oUF_Hank01-15-11
Ok, possibly common question...
Posted By: xtoq
...but "searching" wowhead comments is pretty horribad. I would like the fill texture of the health percentage numbers to be related to my mana pool rather than my health pool. So as my mana changes, the fill of the health % changes too. Is this possible, and could you explain it slowly? Thanks for a great layout!
File: LDB Marker01-15-11
Energized (http://www.wowace.com/ad...
Posted By: xtoq
Energized (http://www.wowace.com/addons/energized/) hides your icon when you don't need any buffs, and it hides it on the LDB feed. Maybe you could do something like this?
File: Ara Broker Reputations01-09-11
You have to have an LDB display add...
Posted By: xtoq
You have to have an LDB display addon like Fortress, Titan, Fubar with Broker2Fubar, Docking Station, Chocolate Bar. LDB is like the new Fubar.
File: PUG Warning01-08-11
yeah, I'm on the fence as well, but...
Posted By: xtoq
yeah, I'm on the fence as well, but customizable messages would be better; tanks have different preferences for CC marks if nothing else.
File: Guild XML Exporter01-05-11
Any plans on including guild achiev...
Posted By: xtoq
Any plans on including guild achievement ranks and guild activity? That is the stuff I'm really interested in exporting, then Excel or Google Spreadsheets can make some sexy pie charts. Mmmmm...pie. Thanks for your work!
File: GuildMaster01-03-11
I want to say first of all: great w...
Posted By: xtoq
I want to say first of all: great work, thanks for the addon, been needing something with these features for a while now. But I want to know something. When you're closer to having a stable release, are you going to make everything modular? The reason I ask is that I only need about half these features, and I'm sure others have...
File: Lil' Roasty12-29-10
Re: Dont see lil' roasty
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by frostbitez Hi there.. I seen today and had to have it ! I downloaded it and even reinstalled it but I still dont see him :( I open my cooking window.. it shows I have it on my add ons.. PLZ help.. is there something else I need to make this work ? Do you own the Lil' Ragnaros pet? You have to have that fo...
File: Highlight - the local bag search tool12-27-10
You. Are. AWESOME!
Posted By: xtoq
You. Are. AWESOME!
File: Cirk's Mousetip (Fan Update)12-25-10
It's technically a "fan update" eve...
Posted By: xtoq
It's technically a "fan update" even though it's listed as a patch. I'll copy the original description over. Thanks for the suggestion.
File: QuestGuru12-24-10
Originally posted by mrobrian Wha...
Posted By: xtoq
Originally posted by mrobrian What kind of problems were you having? Also, whenever deleting any files/folder such as Cache, WTF, etc., always make sure you are completely out of the game first. The game loads all that stuff into memory and then writes it when you exit, so deleting those files might have no effect if you do it...