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File: NeedsFoodBadly10-14-19
Re: feed pet
Posted By: jshipley
I love this addon.. find it very usefull... I'd love to see 3rd macro for hunters feed pet and it would be 100/100 imo :) I'll consider it. I don't play a hunter, so I'd have to do some research about feeding pets to see whether I'd want to add it.
File: NeedsFoodBadly09-29-19
Re: Bandage Macro Please :)
Posted By: jshipley
I would love to see a Bandage macro & Healing potion macro (maybe Mana potion macro for those people). Great addon, was having to edit Give Me X (Give Me Health addon) to get even get any macro updates for food. Potions, bandages, healthstones, and mana gems should all be supported now.
File: NeedsFoodBadly09-25-19
Re: is there any possible to support potions ?
Posted By: jshipley
I can look into it. It wouldn't be able to update the macros while in combat, so that would limit it a little, but it shouldn't be much more work to support potions & bandages.