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File: HealBot Continued03-17-18
Snare detection
Posted By: hal900x
Hey, new old player here. Is there a way to show any/all snares or roots as a specific color easily, or do I have to set up each snare individually? I'm a lowbie Monk and I have separate spells to cleanse and unsnare. Out of the box it's great for the cleanse, but not sure about the latter.
File: Vex Power03-14-18
Errors: separate ACE install required?
Posted By: hal900x
I'm an addon noob. I get ACE gui errors when I go into the Powerbar: General options to either enable testmode or click the "size and position" button. So far these are the only two options I've touched. Do I need to install ACEgui 3.0 to work? I also get ACE related errors from wowgatheringnodes database addon, so maybe its a confli...
File: Ackis Recipe List03-14-18
Posted By: hal900x
So is this addon dead now? Anyone recommend a similar alternative?