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File: World Map Zoom01-25-20
Substitute for World Map Zoom
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
I just finished and uploaded a new addon called Persistent World Map that pretty much does what World Map Zoom used to do.
File: Tidy Recipe Tooltip12-02-19
Glad you like it. I think for Class...
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
Glad you like it. I think for Classic this is not necessary as the tooltips there are fine. I don't know which expansion introduced this new messed-up form we now have in Retail.
File: Sell Price per unit (Classic)09-29-19
If you wish to test it for yourself...
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
If you wish to test it for yourself you can level a fresh Shaman high enough to learn Rockbiter Weapon in no time at all. All right, thanks! I didn't realise that you can train Rockbiter Weapon from level 1 on. I could fix the error easily, now. The new version (1.3) should be available shortly. You probably did not have error m...
File: Bagnon ReagentBankButton09-29-19
Uhhhh. Looks like author of Bagnon...
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
Uhhhh. Looks like author of Bagnon is completely jerk Thanks for your sympathy, but I would not go as far as saying this. He is probably just busy with his IRL job etc. We should be thankful that he is still maintaining Bagnon. But yes, it would have been nice to have my Pull Request acknowledged.
File: Bagnon ReagentBankButton09-27-19
Re: As opinion
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
May be possible to make this mod as part of addon? This was also my initial intention, but my pull requests were ignored... https://github.com/tullamods/Bagnon/pull/827 https://github.com/tullamods/Bagnon_Config/pull/16 https://github.com/tullamods/Wildpants/pull/20
File: Sell Price per unit (Classic)09-26-19
When hovering over a buff icon that...
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
When hovering over a buff icon that happens to be an item, such as those created by Shaman (eg- Flametongue Weapon, Windfury Totem, etc), my FPS drops to slideshow levels until I move my cursor off of the icon. It also doesn't show the item's price in the tooltip, which, while not super important, is no doubt related to the instabili...
File: Bagnon ReagentBankButton09-26-19
Re: Not Work
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
Not Work with latest version Bagnon! Thanks for the heads up! I will fix this before next week.
File: Broker Played Time07-28-19
Hey, thanks a lot for Broker_Played...
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
Hey, thanks a lot for Broker_PlayedTime! I just uploaded my plugin to put the "Time Played" info into the Minimap clock tooltip: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25077-PlayedTimeMinimapClock.html :-D
File: Player XP Bar06-09-19
Outdated screenshots?
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
Hm, it does not look as cool as in the screen shots; i.e. it does not integrate as nicely with the player frame. Why has this been removed?
File: Altoholic02-26-19
Re: Will Grid > Trade Skills be updated?
Posted By: LudiusMaximus
Is there something I need to do, other than opening the profession list, to load this information into the grid or is this a known issue? I can confirm this. It's the same for me. My suspicion is that Altoholic has not yet gotten an update to make it work with the new crafting skill leveling system, where you have a separate pr...