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File: Roth UI (PTR)09-29-13
Re: Re: Information under Minimap
Posted By: wodaji
Disable the addon rInfoStrings. Thanks for the tip! I took it a step further and changed "user placed" to false. Instead of disabling it, I was able to put it back to where it should be, like I had asked. Thanks again for all the work on the super shmexy UI!
File: Roth UI (PTR)09-24-13
Information under Minimap
Posted By: wodaji
Love the compilation! I use sexymap and moved the minimap to the bottom right. The information that is typically below the minimap is now there. I moved the minimap back to the original location but the information stayed. Is there a mover that I can use to move it around? Thanks for the help and all the amazing work youve...