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File: Tidy Plates11-28-12
Threatplate debuff widgets aren't w...
Posted By: korb
Threatplate debuff widgets aren't working for the Threatplate Theme. What I'm looking for is a theme that utilizes both Target Highlighting >.< and the Debuff Widget. I believe it was the Threatplate Theme that was doing it. It would be cool to have the Threatplates Target Highlight and Debuff Widget working for all Themes.
File: Threat Plates11-28-12
Strange periwinkle color on the pla...
Posted By: korb
Strange periwinkle color on the plates. Issues with color coding during threat and also with possessed players. Debuff Widget not functioning with the tray over the plates on mouseovers, or on selected targets. This is dealing with themes. The old Threatplate theme utilized the debuff widget plus the target highlighting. It...
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version11-27-12
Any word on a 5.1 update?
Posted By: korb
Any word on a 5.1 update?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-07-12
Was hoping for an update to include...
Posted By: korb
Was hoping for an update to include the interactive Demonic Gateway icons available (as of now) only on default unitframes. Just looking for convenience when canceling the gateway is needed, as you can do through the games default unitframes. I've been looking for workarounds but haven't been able to locate anything. Also, It wo...
File: NugEnergy09-09-12
Experiencing the same thing with De...
Posted By: korb
Experiencing the same thing with Demonic Fury bar. Seems like theres a toggling issue upon logging in and out. You have to remember to manually /nen demonic upon logging in, or you're out of luck. I like the features available with this one with the fade in and out of combat, and I don't mind editing the LUA for the sizing, but I...
File: NugComboBar09-09-12
Nice features for the Shard bars, b...
Posted By: korb
Nice features for the Shard bars, but have been unable to scale the Demonic Fury bar, and its initial size is, for the most part, unusable.
File: ForteXorcist07-14-12
Posted By: korb
I can't seem to isolate what part of Forte is causing hiccups (stuttering) when joining a Dungeon Finder group, or joining a group in general. Ran a series of checks and Forte is where the issue is involved. The hiccups are noticable and come in about 3 second intervals. Have tried several avenues to remedy it to no avail. Forte...