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File: NugEnergy09-21-12
Update: https://github.com/rgd87/Nu...
Posted By: Lanaisha
Update: https://github.com/rgd87/NugEnergy/zipball/master Thanks!
File: NugEnergy09-20-12
Even when you're in combat/stealth...
Posted By: Lanaisha
Even when you're in combat/stealth again? Rogue or druid? I couldn't reproduce it It's supposed to be only visible in stealth and combat or when unlocked I play a rogue. And no it doesn't come back when I go into stealth or combat... My settings are: local tex = ] local width = 100 local height = 30 local font = ] local f...
File: NugEnergy09-19-12
Posted By: Lanaisha
Thank you for the fast update. However with the new update it's acting a bit odd when not using a bar. It shows if I do a /rl in stealth, and keeps showing in combat. But after combat it disappears and never comes back. Thanks
File: NugEnergy09-18-12
Text color
Posted By: Lanaisha
I don't seem to be able to change the text color. I've tried changing it to {1.00, 0.96, 0.41} which is a light (rogue) yellow, but nothing happens. I've tried setting the same color for the bar which does work, so I don't think it is the format of the color that's wrong? Another thing that would be nice, I have no idea if it is c...
File: SLDataText04-11-12
Gold - alts
Posted By: Lanaisha
I have changed the name of one of my characters and now it shows gold for the same character twice (1 with the old name and 1 with the new). Is it possible to remove the old character somehow? Thanks in advance Lanaisha