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File: Arcana's Experience Broker08-16-19
Posted By: Vedma
I was trying to fix this addon by looking into errors but then I found a replacement ElkExperience. It has nearly the same functionality. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/elkexperience
File: Broker_GarrisonReport07-30-19
Is it possible to update the addon...
Posted By: Vedma
Is it possible to update the addon to show WOD garrison report? At least on click? I've googled the command to do it. I am now looking into the code :confused: /run ShowGarrisonLandingPage(LE_GARRISON_TYPE_6_0)
File: Ara Broker Reputations08-19-18
The new addon works flawlessly. Tha...
Posted By: Vedma
The new addon works flawlessly. Thanks a lot.
File: Ara Broker Reputations04-14-17
Posted By: Vedma
So far so good. No errors even with MogIt. I am back off ASCII colors. The addon just works :)
File: Ara Broker Reputations04-10-17
Re: Re: Error
Posted By: Vedma
Turned off MogIt and still got the error. I think it has something to do with color of the bars. attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value) Turning on the option "Use ASCII colors for bars" allows the dropdown menu to work again even after the error has been caught and I have not reloaded the UI yet. Date: 2017-04-10 11:41:11...
File: Ara Broker Reputations04-09-17
Posted By: Vedma
I am getting this bug. I am not even sure what's causing it but Ara Broker Reputations from this location is the only addon I've added. I will try to disable MogIt for now. Date: 2017-04-09 15:46:46 ID: 5 Error occured in: Global Count: 3 Message: ...ns\Ara_Broker_Reputations\Ara_Broker_Reputations.lua line 831: attempt t...
File: gmProf07-24-16
Thanks for this addon. Well done. I...
Posted By: Vedma
Thanks for this addon. Well done. I've wanted to make one like that but I have little to zero training so it never happened. If you want to add cooldowns, have a look at this addon. Lots of helpful comments in code over there. Plus all the variables are named in an understandable way. http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/broker_profe...
File: Auditor01-06-15
Re: Auditor 6.0.3
Posted By: Vedma
Warlords of Draenor has released and I still haven't heard from Alarisha. I'm still looking to maintain it officially, but for now I have an updated version for you all. Auditor 6.0.3 adds support for two new categories: "Garrison Missions" and "Garrison Architect." Keep track of how much gold you're spending on those expensive ga...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills01-06-15
Re: Reagent Bank
Posted By: Vedma
I am also considering moving this addon to curse with myself as author. Thoughts? Thank you for making the addon available on Curse! A nice Orthodox Christmas present!
File: Ara Broker Reputations12-27-14
As of the latest downtime, mouseove...
Posted By: Vedma
As of the latest downtime, mouseover works fine however the broker bar header is not showing the currently tracked reputation. There are no errors thrown to add. I also have this issue that after changing zone or loading game no faction is shown. After going over it with mouse once you will see it. Its not dramatic and so i did no...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills11-20-14
Warlords update?
Posted By: Vedma
An update surely would be nice. For those, who cannot wait just like me, here is something. ------------------------ Draenor ------------------------------ --Blacksmithing = { skill= L.Blacksmithing, CD= DAWN }, -- Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing = { skill= L.Blacksmithing, CD= DAWN }, -- Truesteel Ingot --Enchanting =...
File: PhoenixStyle01-29-11
Re: Re: request
Posted By: Vedma
I would like to submit a bug report or an enhancement request: At the end of an Atramedes fight the addon posts top sound debuff info into raid chat. Instead of names of raiders it posts something like (raid21), (raid15) and so on. Could you, please, change it to post names of people instead of numbers like this? I know I can u...