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File: EventHorizon Continued04-17-20
Is there a chance to get this addon...
Posted By: Cluey
Is there a chance to get this addon back to live agian? Trying to get this functionallity into WeakAura is way to tiresome. And as far as I know there is no other addon that brings this unique functionallity. The most recent version works on retail, it's still tagged as a beta but it works fine.
File: Quest Bindings03-25-20
Re: Re: Some quests missing bindings.
Posted By: Cluey
Sorry to let this one go unupdated. I had no idea how many quests were using the new title button pool until I started leveling my warlock alt from 110 today. If you update this addon while logged into the game, make sure to exit the game completely and log back in. (It adds a small xml file that won't be recognized if you do an...
File: Quest Bindings01-21-20
Some quests missing bindings.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Gello, I've become so used to this addon I feel lost without it! There are some quest windows it doesn't activate for, I noticed it a while ago but it was mostly the campaign quests you'd only do once so it didn't really matter but recently more have popped up. Zahra Sandstalker, one of the new daily quest givers in Uldum, has...
File: Misspelled01-21-20
Greenwall error.
Posted By: Cluey
I've joined a mega guild with one of my characters and they use Greenwall to provide a common guild chat across the multiple guilds. I get error messages from Greenwall when I send a message with a "typo" according to Misspelled, more often than not it's just a word/abbreviation which isn't in the dictionary, like rare mob names or...
File: TomTom01-21-20
Re: Add current coordinates to chat
Posted By: Cluey
Hello! Apologies if this has been asked/answered, I have searched thoroughly and haven't been able to find a solution yet. Is there a way to publish/print the current coordinates to the chat window? For example, if I've engaged a rare enemy at {50, 50} is there a way to output this into, for example, General chat? I have a macro:...
File: TomTom11-15-19
Error from Retail.
Posted By: Cluey
I decided to go and clear up some old quests and got this error. 1x TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:211: attempt to index field 'profile' (a nil value) TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:211: in function TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:245: in function ...
File: Clique08-21-19
Damn, can you downgrade to the prev...
Posted By: Cluey
Damn, can you downgrade to the previous version? Sorry about that and I'll try to fix it asap. Installing the previous version restores the functionality and even remembered my bindings, I was concerned it wouldn't as the box came up empty.
File: Battle Pet BreedID08-21-19
Missing breed.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Simca, I recently got an extra Glittering Diamondshell and it has ??? for the breed. I'll hang onto it for now to see if you want me to test anything, it might clear up if I add a level or 24. Google Drive won't insert as an image.
File: Rematch07-03-19
Filter fail.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Gello, I've been slowly capturing the wild pets in Mechagon and noticed that the Malfunctioning Microbot doesn't show in the list if you search for Mechagon. This is quite odd as when you look at its pet card it clearly says it's from a pet battle in Mechagon. Edit. I might be going mad. It's now showing up and I didn't do a...
File: TipTop07-01-19
Text not aligning.
Posted By: Cluey
I've noticed the text in some tooltips isn't within the box, the mission table and quest hand ins on the map are two I can think of. Tooltips for World Quest rewards work fine though, it's a little baffling. https://i.ibb.co/5spVYfy/image.png
File: Broker_WorldQuests03-13-19
Latest error.
Posted By: Cluey
I noticed this in the change notes for HandyNotes: Remove usage of WorldMapTooltip, it has been removed So I went through the WorldQuests.lua file and commented out lines 1028,1029 and the block 1056-1075, this ends the error but I suspect there's more to it than that though as the emissary bounty doesn't show now.
File: Broker_WorldQuests03-13-19
Error since 8.1.5
Posted By: Cluey
Hi myno, I'm getting the following errors with only my broker display, Bugsack, Buggrabber and Broker_Worldquests. It happens with the cursor over the emissary area at the top of the list. 12x Broker_WorldQuests\WorldQuests.lua:1029: attempt to index global 'WorldMapTooltip' (a nil value) Broker_WorldQuests\WorldQuests.lua:1029...
File: IceHUD01-23-19
Hi Parnic, I got this error when w...
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Parnic, I got this error when was ejected from a Spark Bot on the High Tinkerer Mekkatorque encounter. 1x invalid key to 'next' : in function `(for generator)' ...ceHUD\libs\LibDogTag-Unit-3.0\LibDogTag-Unit-3.0-33333333423333.lua:49: in function <...ceHUD\libs\LibDogTag-Unit-3.0\LibDogTag-Unit-3.0.lua:46> ...ceHUD\libs\LibDo...
File: Broker_WorldQuests12-24-18
Re: Re: Error still.
Posted By: Cluey
I'm still getting the Legion zones not showing the quests correctly, I grabbed an image for you. You mean the grey ones? That's when they are hidden, you can make them visible again by clicking them. Maybe I should add a little indicator to them to make this clearer that zones can be collapsed. Oh! Well that's a der for me, not...
File: Broker_WorldQuests12-23-18
Error still.
Posted By: Cluey
I'm still getting the Legion zones not showing the quests correctly, I grabbed an image for you. Perhaps it's not doing it for you? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s87leUM3JKrlUBU7l48DcIEHKtlSo6jr/view
File: Broker_WorldQuests12-21-18
Error is fixed in 8.1.55. Blizzard...
Posted By: Cluey
Error is fixed in 8.1.55. Blizzard changed the way expiration time on some quests is reported to fix their own issue with them, which in return caused mine to fail. :rolleyes: Regarding automatic switching etc. I'm not really a fan of. I know WorldQuestList does it this way if I remember correctly, but personally I always found ha...
File: Broker_WorldQuests12-21-18
8.1 error.
Posted By: Cluey
Thanks for keeping this updated myno. I've noticed a couple of bugs/quirks and have an error I've been getting since grabbing version 8.1.51. When looking at Legion data some of the zones don't list any quests at all. I've a suggestion for the Legion/BfA switch too. Can you default it to the area we're in? Even better would b...
File: TomTom11-27-18
Error message.
Posted By: Cluey
3x TomTom\TomTom-v80001-1.0.1.lua:1061: Usage: local info = C_Map.GetMapInfo(uiMapID) : in function `GetMapInfo' TomTom\TomTom-v80001-1.0.1.lua:1061: in function `GetCZWFromMapID' TomTom\TomTom-v80001-1.0.1.lua:1079: in function `GetClosestWaypoint' TomTom\TomTom-v80001-1.0.1.lua:1116: in function `SetClosestWaypoint' TomTom\Tom...
File: TomTom10-15-18
WQ in Legion and BfA
Posted By: Cluey
Is the arrow working for others for the World Quests in Legion and BfA? If it's working for others I need to work out why mine isn't working.
File: TomTom10-02-18
World Quests
Posted By: Cluey
It has been a while since I've had ctrl-click work for world quests, it works for normal quests though.
File: IceHUD08-31-18
Absorb bar OoC Alpha
Posted By: Cluey
I've noticed that the shield from the Resounding Protection trait shows up, sometimes, when I'm out of combat and have nothing selected. I looked to see if there was a separate setting for it but couldn't find one. Irritatingly it isn't consistent, I've had it stay visible while it was a full shield, not a slightly damaged one. I...
File: Quest Bindings08-07-18
Another error.
Posted By: Cluey
Perhaps this one will help track down the other, although it looks the same. I clicked on a quest giver while doing the Gnoll King quest chain, the one with the skull on your head, I hadn't realised my sidekick was beating something up so I was in combat and got this error. 2x AddOn 'QuestBindings' tried to call the protected fu...
File: Quest Bindings07-25-18
Great idea.
Posted By: Cluey
I came across this recently and thought it was a great idea, very handy for a few things. I remember trying to make a macro to select these things but gave up, that was when I was handing in lock boxes for The Insane. I've had this error a couple of times but I don't know what triggers it, both times were when I logged in for the...
File: rCompassCastbar07-25-18
As of 800.20180724 the addon suppor...
Posted By: Cluey
As of 800.20180724 the addon supports GCD! Thank you for adding this. :)
File: Examiner07-25-18
Cheers for the BfA update.
Posted By: Cluey
I thought the real world had gobbled you up Aezay, glad to see you've updated this. :)