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File: RatingBuster10-16-14
Appears to be abandoned?
Posted By: katherinne
Last update on the WoWAce site was Jan 2014. :(
File: Battle Pet Daily Tamer09-01-13
No longer able to see tamers on flight map.
Posted By: katherinne
Just noticed this today... I can see tamers on the world map but no longer on my flight path map. Everything is marked on.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends01-22-13
Re: Im extremely Confused.
Posted By: katherinne
I'm new to this add on and i don't know how to use it, please help. is there any dependencies i need such as Ace 3. Thanks you. Load it in, make sure it's enabled on Titan Bar and there you go. Hover over it in Titan and you can see your friends and guildies that are online. It's an info app. The tooltips pretty much tell you...
File: Titan Panel08-30-12
Had problem when trying to click to...
Posted By: katherinne
Had problem when trying to click to add glyphs. It said locations and bags were trying to do something only Blizz UI could do. Once I disabled that, it allowed me. I had to actually log out and disable, it wouldn't let me turn off in the game. But when I disabled those, I can't get my text to center.
File: Titan Panel [Guild]10-15-08
This isn't showing up on the bar to...
Posted By: katherinne
This isn't showing up on the bar to click active. It shows up in my addon folder and in addons at the char login screen. Will there be some sort of update? I love this mod.
File: FuBar 3.6.501-10-07
Having errors it seems with Durabil...
Posted By: katherinne
Having errors it seems with DurabilityFu. Had to turn that off for now.
File: CTMod12-13-06
I'm having a problem with the chat...
Posted By: katherinne
I'm having a problem with the chat interface. I have it where the arrows, scrolling, and timestamp are supposed to be on but it resets after I log so that when I log back into any of my chars the arrows are gone, no scrolling or timestamp. And if I go to the options menu, it says they are set the way I want them. They only work if I...