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File: gmUi04-12-19
Re: Error in rButtonTemplate
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This in the wait zork will fix this. Please let me know. Goldpaw suggested to remove the local checkedTexture = button:GetCheckedTexture() line and instead add these 2: local checkedTexture = nil if button.GetCheckedTexture then checkedTexture = button:GetCheckedTexture() end
File: TinyInspect08-31-18
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I think they removed some enchants options. Like was possible to enchant neck piece in Beta, but not in Live. Think it is only Rings and Weapons now. Somebody correct me if not.
File: Altz UI for BFA01-11-18
Main Bar
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The only thing i did not figure out yet how to do is, how to disable the main bar? (not temporarily hide, disable) (If i would like to use another bar addon, i get 2 mainbars on screen, i can /script hide() the standard blizzard bar, but i don't know what to use when altzui is installed)
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-28-10
ICC25 - LK
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i am trying to set up a trigger for lich king's defile spell for an audio warning. rules would be probably spellcasting start, caster = lich king, spell = defile... which i found, but i cant seem to find an option that it only warns me if the lich king targets myself as he starts to cast the spell, so i wont get warnings if he s...