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File: Towelliee's UI Installer tool07-28-13
Posted By: GothFvck
I don't fully understand what the point of this addon is and what it actually does. :confused:
File: Manage & view my Addons07-28-13
Posted By: GothFvck
What ever happened to this program? it looks like it was pretty good but then just got abandoned. :( If there's an updated version I'll test it out under Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). :)
File: Wootbit Client - WoW Addon Manager07-28-13
Posted By: GothFvck
We need a Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) client please! I'm still hounding Blizzard for some real Linux support.... -.- Also, I have a custom directory for my WoW installation and the folder isn't called "World of Warcraft", I named it "Wowcrack" XD and I see no way of telling the Woobit Client this.
File: Guild Roles09-15-12
Please update this for 5.x and incl...
Posted By: GothFvck
Please update this for 5.x and include the data note sharing! That is precisely what I've been looking for. Preferably I'd like notes to be adjustable by rank and have officer only notes and possibly notes other guild mates can read (if they have the mod installed). Idealy Officer ranks should be able to create these limitations...
File: GuildMaster09-15-12
How about 5.x? This mod looks promi...
Posted By: GothFvck
How about 5.x? This mod looks promising if it's fully updated for MoP and has all intended features. One feature I'm looking for in particular is to write extra notes for players and share them with everyone in the guild and have it adjustable by rank so we can have additional officer only notes as well. We like putting: Who invite...