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File: DecUI04-10-19
Re: Issues with UI
Posted By: macromulle
hi i'm having a few issues with my UI first off the mini map buttons don't seems to be part of the UI they are just scattered across the mm. Second the bar at the top of the screen does not seem right please img below. https://ibb.co/SR55cpH Thanks josh also after looking again i have noticed Skada is not in the bottom righ...
File: DuffedUI v803-20-19
Hallo, bin neu bei diesem UI. Un...
Posted By: macromulle
Hallo, bin neu bei diesem UI. Unter Recommended Addons: steht was von BrokerLDB, welches Addon ist das, da der Link dahin nicht funktioniert. mfg
File: DecUI03-18-19
Good Morning, after new Install of...
Posted By: macromulle
Good Morning, after new Install of you UI Pack i have many Lua Errors. https://i.ibb.co/nBhDt9m/Wo-WScrn-Shot-031819-093829.jpg https://i.ibb.co/0qd7q71/Wo-WScrn-Shot-031819-093830.jpg https://i.ibb.co/Mfgh20C/Wo-WScrn-Shot-031819-093832.jpg https://i.ibb.co/B2CqdSS/Wo-WScrn-Shot-031819-093833.jpg and you see the right side,...
File: DecUI03-17-19
Re: dec ui core
Posted By: macromulle
Hi not sure if this is the right place to post this but hey.... I cant seem to locate the dec ui core download from your link. :( same problems :). And Thanks for update the UI. Nice Work.
File: DecUI03-14-19
Please Update the Pack. Thanks
Posted By: macromulle
Please Update the Pack. Thanks
File: DecUI09-08-18
Hello, what is with the Group Vo...
Posted By: macromulle
Hello, what is with the Group Voice in Game, she is broken and not usable. Can you fix that please? The Chat Addons make Problems with that at time. mfg
File: DecUI08-15-18
Moin schön, seid dem Update geht d...
Posted By: macromulle
Moin schön, seid dem Update geht der Ingame Voicechat nicht mehr. Es gibt leider keinen Button für den Beitritt noch wird man aufgefordert ihm bei zu treten. Man kann auch nicht eingeladen werden. Das verschrotten geht auch nicht. Normalerweise kann man ja mehrere Sachen rein tun und dann macht er das automatisch hintereinander,...