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File: EventHorizon Continued12-04-13
"Overlapping bars"
Posted By: Hexxagon
Im very. very, very neew to .lua configuration but I find it very fun to fiddle around with. Is there any way you can get "overlapping" bars? For example, when Im playing Sub on my rogue, I would like the rupture bar to show Rupture, but if I used Garotte I would like it to show Garrote instead so that I dont overlap the two spells...
File: NugEnergy11-26-13
Marks for different specs
Posted By: Hexxagon
Just gonna try my luck here and see if i can get an answer. I just dowloaded this addon and its great. BUT im not very good LUA, so just asking to see if anyone can help me. Right now i have 3 marks set for assassination on my rogue, problem is they are there for all specs on all chars i have NEN active on. Is there a way for m...