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File: Cellular07-18-18
Hmm, didnt think people still use t...
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Hmm, didnt think people still use this. I'll look into having it ready for BFA Yes, I love this and dislike Prat, so if you can, please have it work for BfA!
File: Rematch06-27-18
Re: Backup your teams!
Posted By: Ruana
I've backed up my team, but my queue got nuked today. The only thing that happened was I moved 2 characters from my second account to my main account, but I didn't move any Rematch files, just their own preference files. Maybe that caused the queue to get nuked somehow, with a retrigger of the PetIDs you mentioned below?
File: Cellular10-25-16
7.1 window
Posted By: Ruana
As of 7.1, when I get a whisper, Cellular pops up, but I'm also getting a chat whisper window.
File: Cellular07-21-16
Updated for Legion?
Posted By: Ruana
The subject says it all - will this be updated for Legion?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-15-14
Timers for debuffs not working
Posted By: Ruana
I no longer see cooldown timers on my SuF debuffs. I'm using OmniCC and I've disabled the Blizzard timers, but nothing is showing up, even with enlarging my auras, I see no text.
File: Cellular10-21-14
Re: Cellular Error
Posted By: Ruana
I am also having the same error as Korami. I cannot see the whispers I send to bnet friends, but they see mine and I can see theirs. I'm typing blind, here! :)
File: Cellular03-01-14
5.4.7: Replying to the first incomi...
Posted By: Ruana
5.4.7: Replying to the first incoming whisper from someone on the same realm creates a new tab/conversation. Came here to report this. It's getting really annoying. A guildie will whisper me, say his name is Taxi. I get a chat window from him: Taxi: Hey I respond back, and I get a new tabbed window: Taxi-Realm: Hey what's...
File: SLDataText10-15-10
Experience module?
Posted By: Ruana
Any chance of getting the experience/rep module back in? I had a fix in the last one that enabled it.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-08-10
Extending name & name position
Posted By: Ruana
Is there any way to make the mob's name longer than what appears to be the default? I'm finding it hard to sometimes find the right mob to attack because the names are shortened to the same and I can't see the full name. If it's not possible due to the space available in the frame, is it possible to move the name above/below the b...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-09-09
Re: Class colours
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Originally posted by Ryuz I think i read someone else posting this comment but didnt see a answer just thought id post it up too , How do you set your targets etc to class colours and not just green and blue also for enemys I'm also interested in this. I like my target to have the same color (defined by me, which in this case,...
File: SocialState08-24-09
Posted By: Ruana
Are there any plans to make this list sortable by say level, zone, name, etc? Not just the default? If it's something that can be edited in the .lua, just tell me what to edit and where!
File: Altoholic08-07-09
I was going to add that I only have...
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I was going to add that I only have the error when I try to send to someone on my 2nd account, that I've done account sharing with. But if this fixes it, yay! Originally posted by Thaoky Thanks for your input on the mailbox issue, I managed to reproduce it. After a few tests, it can be fixed by replacing (line 488) : return O...
File: AchievementSnap04-29-09
Originally posted by Takeida Addo...
Posted By: Ruana
Originally posted by Takeida Addon is busted! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! ;.; Update please!!! Uh, no, it works fine. Be sure to enable out-of-date addons until the author updates the TOC.
File: Fishing Buddy04-29-09
Originally posted by Smashalott I...
Posted By: Ruana
Originally posted by Smashalott I found a new fishing pole with the Dalaran fishing dailies named : Jeweled Fishing Pole . FB is not allowing me to double click cast it. Thanks Mine is also not recognizing the Bone Fishing Pole I got from the dailies.
File: Livestock04-20-09
I realize this may just be a rare c...
Posted By: Ruana
I realize this may just be a rare case, but my pet is not auto-dismissing when I mount. This may be due to the mount I have - the Headless Horseman's Reins. But I just thought to test it, and with none of my other mounts is my pet dismissing (Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, regular Flying Machine). Are none of these consider the same k...
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-14-08
Use default game sounds
Posted By: Ruana
I'm trying out MSBT, but I am having a problem with the sound for Clearcasting. I vastly prefer the in-game sound for that, but it appears to be missing since installing MSBT, instead using the sounds from the addon. I've tried changing the sound to None, but then no sound plays. For my main, it triggers when Omen of Clarity procs...
File: MoveAnything11-14-08
Originally posted by Twidget Hi,...
Posted By: Ruana
Originally posted by Twidget Hi, Every time I move the Achievement notification windows (both of them) when I actually get an achievement the window looks stretched and blurred. Impossible to read. It's like it stretched the window instead of moving it. Anything I can do to fix this? Thanks, Twidget Same thing here. I...
File: Livestock10-18-08
Re: Re: BlizzCon Bear
Posted By: Ruana
Originally posted by Recompense Livestock doesn't recognize it as a mount because its tooltip is different from every other mount's tooltip. I should be able to get around that - it looks like there are several other mounts that do this, so I need to make it a fix for the next version, if I can. Ah, so it's not because it's Bo...
File: Livestock10-18-08
BlizzCon Bear
Posted By: Ruana
Recompense, I found the options in the addon menu, yay! However, I attended BlizzCon, and have redeemed the BlizzCon bear. Livestock doesn't seem to recognize it as a mount. Any idea how to fix this?
File: Altoholic10-17-08
Re: Re: Tooltip Question
Posted By: Ruana
Thaoky, I loaded Altoholic last night, and I am in love. That you show me the number in the guild bank in the tooltip as well as my own characters inventory has sold me on it entirely. If I had only known about it earlier! :)
File: Altoholic10-16-08
Tooltip Question
Posted By: Ruana
I currently use Sanity, and one of the things I love about it is I can scroll over any item in a bag or bank, and see if an alt has that item as well, and how many. This made things very easy to find herbs while trying to level inscription last night! Does this mod do anything with the tooltips, or am I just going to be out of luck i...
File: Livestock10-16-08
Posted By: Ruana
I downloaded this yesterday, and I can get the bar to show up, and set up a keybind, but....I have no buttons. Anywhere. And also I didn't seem to be able to get a macro? Is it supposed to make one automatically? The instructions didn't seem to explain it well enough for my small brain. So the only way I could get it to work for my m...
File: Chatter10-14-08
Wrong version downloaded
Posted By: Ruana
As Berfert said, this isn't fixing the right-click chat tab issue, probably because it's an older one than the listed one.