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File: Cellular01-09-19
Re: Clicking in whisper window issues
Posted By: wowintuser_
Clicking into the window of the whisper doesn't open the chat bar with the correct whisper anymore. Would love for this to be fixed as well. This bug makes the addon practically unusable.
File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 6.x09-04-14
On beta: Icons on my char's Specif...
Posted By: wowintuser_
On beta: Icons on my char's Specific Macros tab are multiplied (each macro takes up the whole row) and when the tab is opened it throws errors like below: Message: ...AddOns\SuperDuperMacro\SuperDuperMacro_Interface.lua:972: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'index' (a nil value) Time: 09/04/14 18:09:43 Count: 1 Stack: .....