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File: X and Y (Classic)09-13-19
Posted By: Taraezor
Many thanks for that!
File: Trainer08-28-19
: Trainer\Trainer.lua:3184: attempt...
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: Trainer\Trainer.lua:3184: attempt to call field `?' (a string value) Trainer\Trainer.lua:3184: in main chunk --- vanilla 1.12 ruRU client Thanks ;) Really busy with Classic rather than Vanilla atm plus a really bad unexpected bug in my development version of Trainer Classic. I will get around to looking into TBC/Vani...
File: X and Y07-23-19
Re: Mangled worldquest tooltips
Posted By: Taraezor
Since curse was taken over by twitch my curse account is dead so I'm posting here, hope you'll notice: There is definitely something fishy with your addon and world quest tooltips. I can confirm the tooltip scrambling reported on curse. German client, english sound. I tried a lot of things but no matter what, the problem goes away as...
File: Long Strange Trip02-12-19
Thanks for creating this addon. It...
Posted By: Taraezor
Thanks for creating this addon. It is looking better and better with each revision. Thanks a lot. Yeah, trying to stick to the general theme of World Map pin placement. I know players donít really need help finding Razor Hill for example but I do show Achievement completion which is something when you are frantically farming with...
File: Long Strange Trip02-07-19
Corrections & Improvements
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I noticed a small misplacement of a Mulgore/Thunderbluff pin in Durotar. Will be corrected in the next release. Also an Elder I think it was in Feralas has an extra name prefix of "High" left over from my cut and pastes. Any other typos or downright programming errors or improvements please let me know. Next version is well und...
File: Higher Learning02-07-19
Snazzy! One improvement: there is n...
Posted By: Taraezor
Snazzy! One improvement: there is no such word as "Uncompleted", as found in your tooltip. I suggest using Blizzard's global string INCOMPLETE instead. It is line 7986 of GlobalStings.lua, and you can drop it in just as I typed it, all capitals. Many thanks. Embarrassing. I used to lecture / teach English Grammar / Writing. Let's...
File: Netherwing Eggs01-01-19
Re: Crippling repeating error in v3.01 !!!
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197x NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:1074: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got nil) : in function `unpack' NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:1074: in function NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:1208: in function Netherwi...
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph12-06-18
Just got my mount today , Thank you...
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Just got my mount today , Thank you so much!! Would have never been able to do it with out your help <3:banana::banana::banana::banana: Great to hear and thank you! Yea... I had to wait until I got my computer upgraded AND PvP was optional on my PvP server. That was long after I had written the addOn, although I never admitted...
File: Netherwing Eggs12-03-18
Re: Thank you !
Posted By: Taraezor
Hello Taraezor ! I signed up to congratulate you and to thank you for your work, and for keeping this addon up-to-date for the most beautiful mounts. I'm going to get started to farm these eggs ! :cool: I'll check your other addons, great work :) Neo Many thanks. I have uncovered a few small bugs with the rewrite of th...
File: Netherwing Eggs10-20-18
Posted By: Taraezor
Total rewrite for Battle for Azeroth. Not entirely necessary but I took the opportunity to add a ton of new stuff. As with any major changes there might be a bug or two. Don't despair. v3.01 will (predictably sigh) follow soon.
File: Yarrr09-27-18
Re: I hate to tel you, Taraezor....
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ITLAPD was the 19th. (I missed it too, I was sick in the hospital. I realy really need to load wow onto my laptop to see if I can play in the hospital (assuming I go there again) because I can't install it over the hospital wifi.) -barleduq Yeah I got the update for BfA in time but not the new mount and pet, which players w...
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph09-10-18
Battle for Azeroth
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v1.03 and forward is for Battle for Azeroth. Fully functional. Some new/better functionality. v1.02 is friendly with several previous expansions and will be retained here for you to download. It was way too much trouble to roll an AddOn friendly to ALL expansions in this case, sorry.
File: X and Y08-31-18
just notice... elseif locale == "z...
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just notice... elseif locale == "zhCN" then L = "播放器" -- should be "玩家" L = "光标" -- should be"鼠标" elseif locale == "zhTW" then L = "播放器" -- should be "玩家" L = "光標" -- should be "滑鼠游標"...
File: Rare Love07-27-18
Re: Hello again!
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I noticed on curse's LFH page that you are in game again and playing! Yay! I have a question about *this* addon, tho. Many many moons ago, I had an addon that would, when I moused over a relevant critter, would do the /love emote on it. If it was one I had to kill, it would tell me. Alas, I no longer remember what it was called....
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph07-27-18
Hi! Thanks for your addon, it looks...
Posted By: Taraezor
Hi! Thanks for your addon, it looks great, unfortunately for some reason, in 8.0.1 it doesnt work for me, the options didnt come up no matter what i write in the chat, and it is installed like every other mods i use, i see it in the interface/addon menu ingame as well, but no map markers or options coming up. Any tip or workaround wo...
File: Netherwing Eggs07-27-18
I cant get this to work using the c...
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I cant get this to work using the codes, you provided to use in chat. Nor is there any 'addon' options. I enabled it before logging in, which say's WoW read it successfully, but still no avail. BfA broke it. Enabling "Out of Date" AddOns will not fix this one, sorry. I am still (sigh) actively playing WoW, just struggling to ge...
File: Trainer04-16-18
Why aren't you just coding for wher...
Posted By: Taraezor
Why aren't you just coding for where they are *now*? Thanks Seerah. Point taken. After all, that's where 100% of legitimate WoW players are at! A whole lot of reasons really. Mainly, concern that eventually I will need a "Classic" version of an AddOn. I decided to test if I could roll everything together. Plus I have been pr...
File: X and Y04-15-18
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Yes I am aware that compass (player facing) direction is not possible prior to Patch 3.1.0. This addOn has been designed to still load and be otherwise functional without that feature in Vanilla and TBC.
File: Trainer04-14-18
But it says version 7.3.0!
Posted By: Taraezor
That's a limitation at WoW Interface. Yes, I could remove the code which deliberately stops the AddOn working beyond Patch 2.4.3 (about four places, one line of code each place iirc) but it was never tested beyond 2.4.3. NPCs move and get added and deleted over the years. That's easy. Much worse awaits: The programming API and the...
File: Netherwing Eggs04-04-18
Posted By: Taraezor
New location at (67.95,82.47) in the Mine. Woooo!
File: We Don't Wipe03-09-18
Re: Love for this?
Posted By: Taraezor
While my monk and frost mage seem to work fine, my havoc demon hunter has serious issues with his rotation. However, I've noticed that not only has this not gotten any updates, you've taken it out of your signature where you mention all your addons. I can appreciate being too busy, or it being too difficult, but please answer if you...
File: X and Y03-08-18
Posted By: Taraezor
This AddOn is the first of my AddOns to commence my move to being multi-build/patch friendly. I've added the ability to show THREE decimal places (some would say that just the one is enough!) as well as removed a nasty bug or two when you are looking at the world map. Discussion of private servers would not be welcome in this publ...
File: Best Quest Lore01-19-18
Thank you!
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Just wanted to say that this addon has greatly improved my WoW experience while leveling a character using frequent XP freezes to keep from outleveling any areas before the level scaling change is implemented. I feel pretty bad about this AddOn actually. I haven't maintained it in a long time so I am surprised you could get it to...
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph11-22-17
Thanks for making this, got my moun...
Posted By: Taraezor
Thanks for making this, got my mount earlier today :) Glad you like the AddOn!
File: Fibonacci07-28-17
oh well, so cool Thanks. Hmmm......
Posted By: Taraezor
oh well, so cool Thanks. Hmmm... bit of a worry... I mentioned this future project back in early June. What I can say is it has certainly slipped down my "to do" list but coding was well underway at the time. Should get it happening again. It is 100% mathematics related, that I can say for sure.