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File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-30-11
That's because the new maintainer o...
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That's because the new maintainer of SBF didn't include Masque support yet, only the old code for ButtonFacade is there. Just use Arantar's update (few posts down: http://www.mediafire.com/?oy824yz9d46dd17 ) and tick out of date addons till the new boss updates it all. Works fine for me. Is that the only fan-patch out there?
File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-29-11
Re: New Patch Release - Fan Update?
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Aratar, Raistlan, and others, I have posted here before spouting my love for this add on. I am very interested in seeing it continued in the next patch (which will be released in the next 7-14 days) Is anyone planning on posting a fan update? dcwarcraft There is a new version up on curse.com that is updated for patch 4.3.