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File: ElvUI02-09-11
Originally posted by aiedz My act...
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Originally posted by aiedz My action bars have changed and i can no longer "expand them" the option to do so on mouse over is no longer there? from the change log: -Actionbar movers no longer depend on the in-game config being loaded to work, the options for number of bars have been removed from the config. The core addon now...
File: ElvUI02-04-11
Re: help
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Originally posted by Rockinlock I've renamed a few characters recently and all the old characters keep showing up on the currency list and tooltips of items saying that they have quantity in bags\bank despite no longer existing, how can I remove these old characters without having to resinstall and reconfigure? thank you /rese...
File: ElvUI02-03-11
Originally posted by Wargasum 2...
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Originally posted by Wargasum 2nd - Calendar? I do not see a button for the calendar anymore. Would like to see that for when it flashes I know something new has been posted. As of right now I have to check it manually to check for updates. Not hard just more of a hassle. it would be the time under the right chatbox, if you cl...
File: ElvUI11-08-10
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First I would like to say you saved me a lot of memory use with this, I ditched 116 addons when I saw this :) your a life saver ;) in the /uihelp it tells me that /bags is used to buy bank slots etc. but for the life of me I can not figure out how to add those bags. I don't see an area that you place the bag IN to add it. its...
File: ElvUI11-06-10
Re: action bar covering up data text on bottom
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Originally posted by ptolmey i assume it is because of weird resolution. 1366x768. it was easy enough to move player frame and target frame up, but i just want to raise the default 2 bottom action bars above the data text bar. i also assume it will be a .lua fix, but i have not dealt with any of that stuff before, so some gu...
File: LunarSphere01-18-09
thanks a TON for this add-on you ha...
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thanks a TON for this add-on you have made my life much easier Action Bar wise :) Keep up the great work
File: SmartBuff11-22-08
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Death Knights will not show up in my SB window if set to class unless I have it set to Group, then they show ... any Idea why ?
File: Armory12-05-07
nice add-on
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nice add-on
File: LilSparky's Workshop11-06-07
I get this bug message everytime I...
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I get this bug message everytime I open my first trade skill window. No Idea what the problem is :( any Ideas ? Date: 2007-11-06 19:15:08 ID: 52 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...ace\AddOns\LilSparkysWorkshop\lilsparkysworkshop.lua line 468: attempt to call field 'GetItemDisenchantTotals' (a nil value) Debug...
File: SmartBuff10-11-07
my debuff fram in raid is off the s...
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my debuff fram in raid is off the screen ( I cant grab it and move it... anyway to reset it ? ) EDIT: NM I just noticed the hot fix
File: LightHeaded05-13-07
all I get in the LH window is a mes...
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all I get in the LH window is a message about "no comments" or words to that effect. It never displays anything. I have deleted it re downloaded it etc and its always the same, I don't get any Error message or anything either. I don't know :(