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File: MobInfo2(FanUpdate)11-29-13
MobInfo2 is maintained here.
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
MobInfo2 is maintained here.
File: Poisoner01-21-13
Type /run Poisoner:CheckBuffs() i...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Type /run Poisoner:CheckBuffs() in your chatbox and press ENTER. If the auraframe does not disappear, type /run local t,k,v = Poisoner:CheckBuffs(); for k,v in pairs(t) do print(k) end and post the output here. (Should be 0-2 number values). I'll do it next time I am in game. Thank you. Edit: I logged the same rogue as befo...
File: Poisoner01-20-13
I recently installed this AddOn ver...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I recently installed this AddOn version 5.1 alpha 270. When I logged on a Rogue with no poisons applied, of course the warnings started aurally advising me that "One of your weapons is not poisoned" and visually with messages that no lethal or non-lethal poisons are active. I applied Deadly Poison & Leeching Poison to the two dagger...
File: Cirk's Lootcounter (Fan Update)01-10-13
@Jaim: your error might be caused b...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
@Jaim: your error might be caused by the combination of Cirk's Lootcounter and the LootCount addon ( http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7021-LootCount.html ). It's probably not such a good idea to use them together. Yeah, I thought of that but it was late and I just wanted to go to bed. It's actually not LootCount but Drop...
File: Cirk's Lootcounter (Fan Update)01-09-13
It is counting loot for me, but wit...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
It is counting loot for me, but with problems. Doing the Stingray bombing quest in Krasarang Wilds for The Anglers, this error popped up every time I looted the stingers: LootCount_DropCount\LootCount_DropCount-DropCount.lua:2241: attempt to concatenate local "mob" (a nil value) LootCount_DropCount\LootCount_DropCount-DropCount....
File: !AWP01-06-13
Is it me, or are AddOn Profiles not...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Is it me, or are AddOn Profiles not account-wide? If not, please make an option for it :-) Will make it much easier to make an alt with a 'Leveling' profile. Thanks! Just open the file !AWP.toc find this ## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: AWPDB then change to ## SavedVariables: AWPDB EDIT!!! I might have to take back what...
File: xanChat10-02-12
Re: Re: comparison
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
75kb is nothing.. it's so miniscule that I'm not entirely sure why it's such a big deal for you. It could be worse it could be several megabytes. I'm glad you pointed it out, but I just don't see the reasoning really. I sent you a PM rather than take up more space here. I'm sorry if I seemed too critical. Thank you!
File: xanChat09-26-12
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I have been using CleanChat for a long time, and I really depend on it and it does just what I want for my chat frames even though it hasn't been updated since July, 2010. There are a couple of things that don't work perfectly (never have), but nothing terribly objectionable (I'll get to those in a moment), but I thought I should...
File: QuestGuru09-14-12
Fires over Skettis
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
While doing this quest, when I click on the Skyguard Blasting Charges icon that is in the QuestGuru Tracker, I see the error below. If I click on the same icon in my bag or the icon in the QuestClicks bar, no error. AddOn "QuestGuru_Tracker" tried to call the protected function "UseQuestLogSpecialItem()". !BugGrabber-r188\BugGra...
File: QuestClicks09-11-12
Re: Re: any chance
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I haven't been able to find ANYthing that works like this, and I've looked a LOT. There was one just like it that I used to use, called QuestItemBar, but it hasn't been updated since January 2009. I've figured out that if you change line 67 and 68 to: local QC_BagIDs = { KEYRING_CONTAINER, -4, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 20 } local QC_S...
File: MapsterEnhanced09-11-12
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
These are some errors I see when logging in 5.04. I hope they help someone: ...\MapsterEnhanced\Libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:5364: table index is nil ...\MapsterEnhanced\Libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:5364: in main chunk Locals: MapsterEnhanced-1.5.4\Notes.lua:1902: table index is nil MapsterEnhanced-1.5.4\Notes.lua:1902:...
File: MapsterEnhanced09-05-12
This is a great Addon. Any chance o...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
This is a great Addon. Any chance of an update for MoP? please. Please?
File: Cirk's Lootcounter (Fan Update)09-02-12
Here's another request to fix this...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Here's another request to fix this very useful AddOn. Thank you.
File: Aileron07-09-12
New or same?
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Is this the same as your Broker_Aileron? Does it work with 4.3.4 live? Different name and version numbering? Thank you. I think I answered my own questions: I loaded it in my AddOns folder, but it doesn't show up in the AddOns list in game. Back to the old version, thank you again. I really like Aileron.
File: Factionizer beta06-06-12
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Thank you for doing this. I have been using Factionizer for a long time. Please, couldn't you do like everyone else does and zip the files in the folder? In that regard, should the folder be named Factionizer2 or Factionizer? or what?
File: On My Mark!02-05-12
the name bug should be fixed now....
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
the name bug should be fixed now. Cool, thank you a lot! OK downloaded it and tested 4.3.011. I disabled all AddOns except On My Mark and Bugsack. When I log on, I get this error: OnMyMark-4.3.011\Embeds\AceConfig.lua:20: Cannot find a library instance of "AceConfigRegistry-3.0". BugSack-r256\Libs\LibStub\Libstu...
File: On My Mark!02-05-12
Ah. Thanks! I haven't had a chance...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Ah. Thanks! I haven't had a chance to test in instance play. I haven't played in an instance with it yet, either. Unless you are counting being "zoned" in an outside area. Wait, maybe I was in Blackfathom Deeps after installing this update. But no matter, it happens anywhere. I can be in a capital city or in ANY outside zone, sol...
File: On My Mark!02-04-12
I updated to 4.3.010, started WoW,...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I updated to 4.3.010, started WoW, logged on. In Deepholm (solo), took portal to the throne of Therazane, accepted some daily quests, shift to Druid flight form & accidently clicked on a couple of NPC (Therazane & another local one). This error popped up at that point: OnMyMark\OnMyMark-4.3.010.lua:18: attempt to concatenate local...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times12-22-11
Re: Re: upload data
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
It only shows if unknown flight path locations were uploaded, most likely all are in already, that you see the ingame message is probably due flight times not known by the addon were captured, there is no indicator about how many of them were uploaded and what you mean with keep telling you? It should be only once per week, which is...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times12-19-11
upload data
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I just tried to upload my flightmapenhanced.lua because chat messages in game keep telling me I have data to upload, but when I do I get this: Thank you for your upload Received 0 flight paths location invalid:0 Alliance: 0 Horde: 0 Neutral: 0 Thank you.
File: xanMortarPestle12-19-11
Re: Re: change the modifier?
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Is it possible to change the modifier from alt to ctrl? edit: I just modified the lua and got it working. Thanks! Glad you found it. I wouldn't suggest changing it as it seems to conflict with several built in game functions, but if it works for you that's great. :) Yeah, but ALT interferes with Armory's ALT function. Tha...
File: The Upgrader12-03-11
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Since WoW 4.3 The Upgrader locks up WoW whenever clicking on an item to search. This happens with The Upgrader 1.1.0 and 1.1.2 and the standard Blizzard Auction frame or Auctionator. Thank you. I guess this isn't gonna be fixed. It was nice while it lasted!
File: MapsterEnhanced12-01-11
Re: LibTourist Library
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Have I told you that you are awesome? Well you have now been told :D.... thank you sooo much for this awesome addon and for being such an AWESOM (sic) developer!!!! What MrsAngelD said! Except I wouldn't say "awesom(e)" so much, even if it is true. (jk, MrsAngelD) Thank you!
File: No Reading11-24-11
/cheer I was hoping something like...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
/cheer I was hoping something like this would happen! I'll try it right away. Thank you. Edit: It works perfectly!
File: MapsterEnhanced11-20-11
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I haven't had a chance until now to test the problem displaying digsites with ME installed. It still doesn't work. Without MapsterEnhanced, zone maps show the digsites as outlined ovoid shapes colored in with a reddish color. With MapsterEnhanced installed, the digsites are not visible. Thank you.