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File: GennUI04-29-19
Re: Unable to drag skada
Posted By: Gennoken
I want the regular bars instead of just having text in Skada and so i have made my own windows. However, I am completely unable to drag or move the windows. help please? I don't use Skada, just unlock it by right clicking the minimap button or try a chat command, useally /skada unlock
File: GennUI12-10-18
Re: Help
Posted By: Gennoken
Hey im trying to install youre ui but i don't get the installation window in-game. Where do i put the files for it to be correkt ? I have a few of the suggested addons and the addons i have to have. You need ElvUI, ElvUI Shadow & Light and my UI, extract all of them in the AddOns folder of WoW, just like any other addon.
File: GennUI10-27-18
Re: Addon
Posted By: Gennoken
was wondering why you use both DBM and BigWigs along with Skada and Details? I dont use all of them, I use DBM+Details, I created profiles for the other two just for people who use them.
File: GennUI10-17-18
Re: Re: Re: Thank you for the UI
Posted By: Gennoken
Awesome, thx alot, looking forward to it :) Done :)
File: GennUI10-13-18
Re: Thank you for the UI
Posted By: Gennoken
Hi Mate First of all, I love the UI, it really works for me :) Is it possible for you to make a Bigwigs orfile as well maybe? Regards Will be out in the next update shortly
File: GennUI09-02-18
Thanks for awesome UI! I love it. M...
Posted By: Gennoken
Thanks for awesome UI! I love it. My only problem is that I dont see the rune bar. Do you use any WA tho? The rune bars are in the Player Frame, look at my screenshot they are clearly visible, you can move them to the center if you want. For WA I use this: https://wago.io/NyKyPWbZf Enjoy
File: GennUI03-16-18
I just retried it a few times... I...
Posted By: Gennoken
I just retried it a few times... I am not sure what was happening the first few times with the LUA error but got it working! Looks great good stuff! I customized the bars a bit for my naga mouse... looks amazing. Great !! Enjoy :)
File: GennUI03-15-18
I had all the downloads from your d...
Posted By: Gennoken
I had all the downloads from your description in the folder as well. How many folders in the addon folder before install? 4? the 3 you mentioned and your GennUI? You need ElvUI (witch is ElvUI & ElvUI_Config) and ElvUI_GennUI and ElvUI_S&L Do me a screenshot of your Interface/Addons folder aswel as the Lua Error you're getting so...
File: GennUI03-15-18
I unzip everything you mention and...
Posted By: Gennoken
I unzip everything you mention and it just gives me a LUA error for the GennUI install.lua. I don't see the installer for GennUI cause of that I suppose? The addon requires ElvUI, ElvUI Shadow and Ligh and AddonsSkins, you can get all three from ElvUI website http://www.tukui.org
File: GennUI03-11-18
Hey, I've downloaded everything,...
Posted By: Gennoken
Hey, I've downloaded everything, installed everything you mentioned but the result are not even close from the pictures you posted. I find the visual pretty awesome, but i have the basic Elvui even if I skiped the install so I dont understand :( thanks Try the new installer
File: TipTac05-11-11
Hello, I'd like to be able to hi...
Posted By: Gennoken
Hello, I'd like to be able to hide the action bars tooltips while in combat, the options to do that in TipTac only affects unit frames tooltips. Anyhelp ??? Thanks.