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File: Questie03-20-20
Upload updates to wowinterface?
Posted By: yarko
I see that Questie has been updated on curse, but not here. I use minion to update my addons from here. Will updates get uploaded here?
File: DurabilityStatus from Cosmos10-25-19
Classic version uploaded
Posted By: yarko
Classic version here: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25420-DurabilityStatusClassic.html
File: YarkoMods Classic09-29-19
This is really nice and useful. Tha...
Posted By: yarko
This is really nice and useful. Thank you so much for bringing this together! You're welcome!
File: Cooldowns09-05-19
7.1 update by Choonster: https://g...
Posted By: yarko
7.1 update by Choonster: https://github.com/Choonster/YarkoCooldowns I'm back for classic, but I'm using OmniCC Classic now. No sense in continuing my version since that one exists and is being maintained.
File: RangeColors09-05-19
This works in BfA and Classic :-)...
Posted By: yarko
This works in BfA and Classic :-) That's cool! I'm back for classic, so I will be trying to get some form of my mods back up and running for it. I'll try to make them work for both.
File: EasyMail from Cosmos01-01-14
Re: Laborious Mail
Posted By: yarko
Hi all! Back from a gaming break. The recent bugs should be fixed now in version 3.6. Hey Yarko Hey Tony! Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate them. I'm not clear about what you are suggesting rather than the 5 buttons I have in the inbox now. I understand that 5 buttons can be more confusing than less, but I don't...
File: ChatBar10-17-13
Talents should work ok now
Posted By: yarko
I believe I have fixed the taint problem Chatbar was causing for the talent system. The problem no longer happens on my characters. I'm sure you'll all let me know if its still a problem. :) I wonder if this will solve the problem messing up group frames... (crosses fingers)
File: ChatBar10-16-13
I've been going over the current co...
Posted By: yarko
I've been going over the current code, and I'm 100% sure you did this on purpouse Yarko, son of the devil you :D HAHA! I did it cuz im evil! Actually, in my code, 666 is nothing but an else, but it's an EVIL else! I will see if I can get this resolved soon. That should make some people happy. :)
File: ChatBar10-15-13
4 months (edit: and 2 updates) late...
Posted By: yarko
4 months (edit: and 2 updates) later Thanks all for the alerts to this problem. I am aware of it. I have experienced it myself. However, this addon is not really being maintained by myself or the original author. I have been updating the version number when I update my own addons to make it usable when new wow patches come out, bu...
File: RangeColors04-08-13
Is there a way to disable the range...
Posted By: yarko
Is there a way to disable the range color/check on the key binding? Like stays white and that annoying "dot" doesn't show? My addon doesn't do that. It used to hide the dot, but doing so now seems to cause problems in the Interface. Edit: I think I just thought of a solution. :) Maybe it will be in a future update.
File: Cooldowns04-08-13
Using tullaRange with this addon se...
Posted By: yarko
Using tullaRange with this addon seems to mess up everything. Sometimes shows the duration number, and sometimes dont. I'll check it out. Edit: Found the problem. TullaRange disables a hook that cooldowns relies on. Until I am able to come up with a fix for that, the two addons can't work together. Sometimes that happens. :(
File: QuestMods03-23-13
Hey all. Even though this addon did...
Posted By: yarko
Hey all. Even though this addon didn't have many users, here is an update for 5.2. It is very limited due to my lack of ability (no second account to test with) to fix all the party-related stuff at this time. But the stuff in it is stuff that I have really been missing, plus a new feature that I had always wanted to implement, but n...
File: Cooldowns03-12-13
Hey all! Version 4.1 has a Filterin...
Posted By: yarko
Hey all! Version 4.1 has a Filtering tab in the configuration options that should allow people who are seeing cooldown text where they don't want to see it to keep it from showing up. Check it out and let me know if it works for you. Hopefully that should make Cooldowns run more peacefully with other addons while allowing some people...
File: QuestMods03-11-13
Great news!!! Those are the thin...
Posted By: yarko
Great news!!! Those are the things I miss too! I think I will be able to deliver everything except the viewing party member quests, since it's all there already, and I can fix and test them with a single account. If I can get my hands on another one, I will get the party member quest stuff to work too.
File: QuestMods03-09-13
Re: Re: 4.1
Posted By: yarko
Same here. Miss this Addon. Yarko where are you :) Yarko got burned out on WoW and spent some time in Lotro. Fun game! ;) I am going to tackle this addon next. Not sure how much of it will be retained, since I no longer have two accounts to test with, but I miss some of the features of this addon, so...
File: Cooldowns03-08-13
New version here, everyone. A bit o...
Posted By: yarko
New version here, everyone. A bit of a rewrite, so please report any problems you have, include other addons you are running, and if you have too many problems, go back to the previous version (3.0.2) which works with 5.2. I will try to get any reported bugs fixed as quickly as I can and release a final 4.0.
File: Cooldowns02-28-13
The upcoming version should solve t...
Posted By: yarko
The upcoming version should solve the problem with cooldowns with no name.
File: ChatBar02-24-13
Chatbar seems to be causing taint p...
Posted By: yarko
Chatbar seems to be causing taint problems, probably related to its using the Blizzard popup dropdown system. The result seems to be the UI keeping group unit frames on the screen after one has left a group. Probably other unit frame problems occur that aren't immediately obvious. I am currently working on a dropdown system that emul...
File: Cooldowns02-24-13
It seems to conflict with bunitfram...
Posted By: yarko
It seems to conflict with bunitframes, for a reason unknown to me, any suggestions? Sorry I took so long getting back to this comment. Yes. There is a problem with Cooldowns not working properly with some button addons that do not name their buttons' cooldown objects. When I get some time, I will try to provide a fix for this.
File: ChatBar02-08-13
Posted update for Pandaria version...
Posted By: yarko
Posted update for Pandaria version 5.1. Haven't done a lot of testing, but haven't seen any problems so far. Will check beck here in the comments occasionally for user response.
File: EasyMail from Cosmos01-29-13
@Norek: I tested EasyMail with t...
Posted By: yarko
@Norek: I tested EasyMail with the current version of ArkInventory and I don't have any problem with the bag window closing when I use the mail system. It says open no matter what I do. Well, it closes when I close the mail window. :) You mention clicking on a "mailto" tab. I don't see such a tab in the mail window. I do see 2...
File: EasyMail from Cosmos01-22-13
Ark auto opens when i just go to a...
Posted By: yarko
Ark auto opens when i just go to a mailbox, then when I click the mailto tab, easy mail closes my bags again That is a problem. I'll check it out. Probably a really easy thing to fix on my side.
File: EasyMail from Cosmos01-13-13
Installed the latest EasyMail. Whe...
Posted By: yarko
Installed the latest EasyMail. When used with ElvUI, the buttons aren't right: I'll take a look at it. EDIT: I tested EasyMail with ElvUI and the buttons look good. I don't know why yours aren't right.
File: Cooldowns12-08-12
Hopefully beta 2 solves the problem...
Posted By: yarko
Hopefully beta 2 solves the problem people have had with Cooldowns messing up the map and raid frames.
File: Cooldowns12-04-12
Careful everyone. This new version...
Posted By: yarko
Careful everyone. This new version of Cooldowns (3.2 beta) may be crashing the world map and even the entire client. I can't for the life of me figure why except that I added the font pulldown and other devs seem to have have had problems with the dropdown system. I will do more testing after the game comes back online.