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File: ForteXorcist03-11-13
This addon is seamingly dead at thi...
Posted By: simmdogg
This addon is seamingly dead at this point. Sadly I have found nothing that compares. I would love a status update from the Dev on whether he plans to continue, abandon or pass on to another dev to maintain it.
File: ForteXorcist01-23-13
Party/Raid / Instance Messages.
Posted By: simmdogg
I have yet to figure out how to get announces to go to Instance channel. I have placed a number of values in the 2nd channel option and nothing is working. Any suggestions.
File: PlateBuffs 5.1 Update01-12-13
I would really love the option to t...
Posted By: simmdogg
I would really love the option to turn off fractions of seconds. I use this mainly for multi-dotting large trash packs. It's not as important to me to see 1/10's of a sec on timers. Not to mention seeing that much counter activity on 6 or more mobs is overwhelming. Just a thought. The ability to display full seconds only would be gre...
File: StellarBars12-10-09
Re: Re: Lock Ups
Posted By: simmdogg
Originally posted by totalpackage Are you using metamorphosis? Try running StellarBars without other mods to see if you still get this error. I am not. The mods I have listed on my previous post are what I use. I was getting the Wow lock while on my lock and with pet summoned. Once I turned off Stellar, my issue went away. Ne...
File: StellarBars12-10-09
Lock Ups
Posted By: simmdogg
Well, it does appear that the reason for my lockups are my Warlock. There seems to be a problem. Here's the error report. Maybe it will help. Date: 2009-12-10 11:42:50 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\StellarBars\StellarBars.lua line 102: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value Debug:...
File: StellarBars12-09-09
Locking Up
Posted By: simmdogg
I have one toon that when he goes into an instance, the game locks up. As soon as I disable Stellar Bars, he is fine. Any known issue? Disregard. I see now that this is a long standing issue. However, I didnt have any problems until I updated today for ICC. Post any fixes. Would be great to get addon working again.
File: Broker Factions01-16-09
Posted By: simmdogg
I've loaded this addon and I can't seem to find it on my Titan Panel. It states "Show Icon" and "Show Label Text" but it's nowhere to be seen. Any ideas?
File: WeaponRebuff 3.407-12-07
Lates update
Posted By: simmdogg
Does the latest WeaponRebuff (3.0Beta) work with the latest update (7/10/07)? I can't seem to get it to load.