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File: gmFriends04-14-20
Posted By: lcolpas
It fits perfect in my case. Thank you! If somebody needs good addons for Friends and Guilds, gmarco(gmFriends / gmGuild / gmGuidFriends) is the guy! :banana:
File: Broker_AllXP09-05-11
Using AllXP with Elvui Datatexts
Posted By: lcolpas
Hello, What is the registered LDB object name for AllXP? Ipīm trying to put it on the Elvui Datatexts but i need the correct LDBO for lua configuration. Thank you.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-23-11
How can i put this on Elvui Datatext
Posted By: lcolpas
Hello, With Tukui Broker addon, we can put some LDBs in Elvui datatext. But, When i list what LDBs are running on wow, it says Ara Guild and Ara Friends. I want to put each of them ona separated datatext. Wich LDB name i have to use? It works with all addons, but araguildfriends says that is only ONE addon, so, maybe im...