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File: PlateBuffs 5.1 Update03-23-13
CC debuffs
Posted By: fabioascoelho
Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to show only the important (CC) debuffs above enemy nameplates and ignore all other stuff, like poisons and those kind of debuffs? I would like it to show only when the enemy is CCed. I didn't found this option and looking at the code I have no clue what to change to make it happen =(
File: SpellList03-09-13
Thank you
Posted By: fabioascoelho
Thank you for the addon and thanks for updating it to 5.2 =)
File: AsphyxiaUI01-18-12
Great UI
Posted By: fabioascoelho
Thank you for this great UI and for continuing the Asphyxia work!!!